Friday, May 6, 2011

It's raining outside, but it's summer in my heart!

After getting my mail today, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Matthew Mead Summer magazine! If you have not ordered yours, you just MUST! I sifted through it really quickly (forgot to look for that golden ticket saying I won a prize, so I'll have to check again), and wished I could sit down and just drool over what I saw from my first peek. It is another amazing edition. I loved "Holidays", and I don't want to say this is better, because the holidays have their place of importance, and a whole different decorating, wintery theme. But "Summer!", now this is wonderful. He hit right on my favorite season.
The ideas in this magazine (is a magazine this thick and nice and beautiful called a magazine?) are so fun. The color is amazing, the photography spectacular. We are having my son's wedding rehearsal dinner at our place, and I saw some fun things to do for our party. I admit, I was thinking more of "what's on the menu" than, "how will we decorate", but now I'm thinking we're going to have to do some of those little special desserts, and wonderful display ideas. So believe me, you WANT this magazine!
What else has been happening? We're wrapping our end of the school year, getting ready for the gardening season. We'll soon get the pool running in case summer decides to come. And since I'm an optimist, I'll be ready for those warm breezes, kids playing, and lazy type days to enjoy.
But before I get too laid back, I need to get to my stockpile of fun vintage stuff, sort through it, tag it, and get it ready for....A Vintage Gathering's June 25th Sale! They are hosting several this year, but with so much going on....we just couldn't do it all. We are excitely anticipating seeing these wonderful ladies and all their wonderful goodies. It amazes me how many awesome treasures they find, and their sales are always such friendly occasions. They have a neat bond between them, and they've graciously adopted us into their "family" for special occasions. But to all our "Vintage Gathering" friends, we're hoping to get to your sales even in we aren't under our own tent! It's just too much fun. If you haven't been to one of their sales, click on the following schedule, and it will link to their blog with all the info you need. Happy Shopping! And may all our spring and summer days be sunny and bright with laughter!