Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vintage Winter Gathering at the Church

We are having a blast planning for our Vintage Winter Gathering; we have some great vendors bringing some really wonderful things. We'll update occasionally to let you know more of what's going on, but we're really excited to get to do this in the little old 1890s church down the road in it's country setting. I cannot wait to see the building decked out for Christmas and the lights all lit. Check back for more updates later!

Directions: In Clatskanie, head north on Nehalem St.. Turn left onto NW 5th, going out of town (street becomes Beaver Falls Rd.)Go approx. 3 miles, turn left onto Quincy-Mayger Rd. at the 'Y' intersection. Go approx. .5 mile to “Y” which intersects Quincy Mayger Rd with Rutters Rd. Turn Right on Rutters Rd, go approx. ½ mile to intersection of Rutters Rd and Shepard Rd and you’re there!


carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

That sounds so neat! I hope you will share pics when all is said and done!

Kristin said...

You did it! I'm glad you figured out how to enlarge the pic! YAY! Aren't we excited??!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... this is just up the road from me! Well... 45 minutes up the road. And in NW Oregon, that's pretty much just around the corner!

Karen said...

I'm very glad to hear that it's right up the road from you, you've got to come. If you Natalie, from Barn House, you know she'll be bringing some wonderful things. We're getting very excited about it. Karen

Paula said...

Happy Zombie directed me here. Looks like a wonderful time. I love old churches, so will definately try to make it. How much fun and I've sampled your goodies at the Barn House. Yummy!!

Karen said...

Paula, Thanks for your sweet comments, Happy Z. is pretty sweet to pass my blog to you. Did you ever go to the Seaside gift fair, it's been probably 5 years since I've done it, but I sold a LOT of cardamom bread there. It was a blast, but I came home and baked every night, got NO sleep all weekend, and I'm just not 29 years old anymore LOL. I like my sleep too much! Do come see us, I think it's going to be a fun time, Karen

Karen said...

Paula, I forgot to add, I love the blogs on your id, is it a group of you? I love those curtains made with the vintage table cloths. I'm going to have to tell Kristin, my daughter to go check it out! Karen

The Gathering Room said...

wishing I coudl stop by for this winter vintage gathering..sounds like a great place to be at!! Love your blog and added to my favs..thanks!
How about some photos of the event???

Karen said...

Thanks Cindy, I'm getting pretty excited! Your blog was really a blessing to me, too! I think we know each other from P&R forum! Karen

Glen and Marci Fitzgerald said...

Karen- You posted "Well, for sure I'd love to get on your email list. You're not too awful far from home!"
well...absolutely! Natalie told me about your 11-22 sale and it looks wonderful!!! Can't wait until I DON'T have to work my store Tuesdays through Saturdays, so I can cruise to these!!!
Marci Fitzgerald
Cottage Consignments
106 SE Weir St.
Camas, WA 98607

SweetAnnee said...

Come get me..I want to go too
I'll bring cash!!!