Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sherri's Awesome Greenery

Kristin and I have been quite busy, working out details, making plans, getting the word out about the Vintage Winter Gathering at the Church. We're getting pretty excited and can't wait to start decorating. I think we're going to possibly be able to do a little early, because........Sherri's coming from Flowers & Fluff in Clatskanie with some really nice greenery, and some of her candles. This is going to smell soooooo wonderful and look so festive. We were thinking we'd be going out, picking greens, making swags, etc, but she does an incredible job with her designs and we are excited that she is joining us!
I wish she had a blog, so I could show you some of her neat stuff in her shop, Flowers & Fluff. I told her as soon as she starts getting some stuff done, let me know & I'll take pictures to show you. She's doing some special stuff that same weekend; in fact, all of Clatskanie starts the "Spirit of Clatskanie" around the 15th of November. I'll let you know more of what Sherri is doing when I hear about it. The more the merrier, and that's not all.
Some other friends in Clatskanie are doing some special stuff, but I need to get the details on that before I go blabbing too much!
Now, if you do go through Clatskanie, you'll pass right by Sherri's shop, so.... stop in and say hi, tell her Karen sent you, get an espresso and enjoy all her wonderful finds!


Cher said...

You better take lots of pictures on the 15th for Us-That-Can't-Be-There and share them on your blog!

I vote that Sherri from Flowers and Fluff start a blog! I wanta see!

The Texas Woman

happy zombie said...

I'm looking sooooooo forward to your VWG, and looking so forward to meeting you! And love that F&F will be there too (hope she's bringing coffee... her shop is my all time fave coffee stop).

I ditto about F&F needing to blog! I have a post about F&F in my July 08 archive... I could have EASILY posted 200 photos.

Karen said...

I agree that Sherri should start a blog, but the other day in talking with her, she said she doesn't even use the computer!!! I think it would benefit her to blog, but anyway, I'll probably put some photos on here. She won't actually "be" here at the show, I think she's at the same time doing something special at Flowers N Fluff. She should put a coupon at ours to redeem at her shop, though! I may ask her if she wants to.
Keep in touch, I'm hoping to report other things going on in Clatskanie that weekend! I have some other friends I believe doing some things, but I need to get details! Karen

Kristin said...

For all of Mom's (Karen) blogging friends, this is an ad I posted about our Vintage Winter Gathering on Craigslist. You can check out the details so far...


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Can't wait to see pics! It sounds like something I'd love to go to. Unfortunately I live too far away. I hope it goes well though!