Friday, October 17, 2008

A Bit of Baking....For Barnhouse Season Finale!!

Well, today will be a busy day for me with baking, doing a few things I really should have, could have, in retrospect would have.....But luckily for me, when I bake it's always best to do it as late as possible! I'm pretty honored and excited to get to be a "baker for Barnhouse", thanks so much to Joe and Jermonne, and of course Natalie, my friend! Kristin and I are excited to go to this last event of the year, which is always sooooo full of wonderful treasures. I just find it really inspiring to see how they put their heads together and come up with all the great ideas that were stuck inside each of their brains, waiting to come out!
I've been working on projects Natalie taught Chantel and I to do with soldering art, what fun that is! I've been frantically looking for a piece of wool in my huge and growing stash of wool for rug hooking. Randy says, why in the world would you start a project w/o making sure you had enough of that color????? Well.....when I do hooking, I usually am grabbing stuff, in a hurry, to take with me somewhere to work on while I'm waiting or visiting, etc. I just can hardly believe the skirt I had felted has been cut into that many strips that there is no longer a piece of it in existence!
Yesterday, Kristin and I did some errands for upcoming "Vintage Winter Gathering at the Church" Nov. 21st & 22nd. She's a pretty detailed thinker, I'm often the one that thinks something is a great idea, then she makes us do it. It's a little ways off, but we want it to be special. We're pretty excited that Natalie , The Vintage Sparrow, is going to be there, which also means we're going to get to see her even more! So, although we're excited to get to the Barn House, weighing on our minds is November 21st and 22nd at the old church.
Well, better get to baking, or I'll be one embarrassed, empty-handed guest at Barn House!


Cher said...

What do you mean soldering art? This inquiring mind wants to know!

The Texas Woman

Karen said...

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, the soldered jewelry, etc. people make memory charms out of? If Natalie (aka Vintage Sparrow) will post pics of her work, I'll let you know. Karen

Kristin said...

Hey! Where are your pictures from our day abroad? :) I was thinking you would have Raggedy Ann already. Guess not. I've been gathering more ideas for our gathering.... yippee skippy! Are we getting excited! I think I'll try posting a Craigslist ad tonight or tomorrow.