Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clayson Farm Show

UNLESS something big comes up, and it had better be big, I am FINALLY going to make it to Yakima, for the Clayson Farm show. This has been a very different year for me, and I'm not whining, but I haven't been able to go ANYWHERE! I mean, to shows, you know. Well, I asked with plenty of advanced notice, I made sure that we had another thing that we had incentive to go for (besides just a date), and that is Yakima peaches. My family does love it when I get the food canned for the winter you know? I am so excited to get to go, can't you tell? I know it's going to be wonderful!
I'm baking myFinnish cardamom bread tomorrow, and my marionberry coffee cakes, for the Quilt Show/Bluegrass Festival that our little Clatskanie town puts on this weekend, which is, in my opinion, wonderful! The Festival, I mean lol, although I do sell a lot of bread. That will work perfect for me to have some spending money for NEXT weekend! Even the weather cooled down a little for me to bake in comfort tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Warm Summer Days

Love this Oregon weather we're having! It was so warm last night, that we were out swimming at 11 pm! And barbeque-ing is definitely what I'm doing tonight! I did it last night too, at least with the hamburger. I didn't want to have "hamburgers", so I made meatloaf, made it into patties, and grilled them, BUT, I didn't listen to Randy when he told me not to make baked potatoes. Later, I wished I had. Our house stays pretty cool, and we don't need AC, but I had a steam bath going in here last night!
I'm going to be showing some friends how to can fruits & veggies, & stuff, but didn't want to know that my greenbeans are ready to pick NOW! I went out and checked this morning, and sure enough, there were some ready. But this week is a little warm to have a houseful of canners going when, selfishly, can be playing in nice cool water with my kids, so next week it WILL happen. I usually like to have a greenbean teepee and this year I guess I goofed and planted the wrong kind of beans. Actually, a LOT of my seeds were given to me by a friend who had a "garden party" and had all kinds of neat little favors at her party. She had given so many seeds away I hardly had to buy any seeds this year lol. I have some very nice friends!
I also wanted to show you my $20. cabinet. When we were in the Wallowa's, we happened on a yard sale, on purpose lol, and I was looking at stuff on this cabinet, and the lady said, "I'll sell you the cabinet for $20." Well, sure, I'll take it! I should actually have taken a picture of it first, b/c it was sooooo 70s I couldn't really, well, stand it. It actually had amber wavy glass in the windows. I don't know why but that reminds me of a bad party! On the way out the door, following my husband as he is hauling it, I told him I couldn't wait to get rid of the amber glass. If you love amber glass, sorry. It is solid wood, and it had a wood finish, but I just really thought it needed to be a buttery color. I'm not actually done with it I guess. I wasn't going to chip it up, but since my husband did chip it when he put it back together, I need to get the sand out and finish his job for him. He got irritated that I left the knobs on and painted over them, but you know, I like it like that. I was going to put chicken wire in the windows, but he is going to put glass in it, and I'm going to let him have his way. I didn't know if I was going to actually keep it, either, but I had him bring it in off the porch, and I think I'm getting attached to it.

I used to get so attached to things it was rather a sickness. When I was little, I didn't like to throw rocks in the river, cuz I knew I'd never see them again! Weird, huh? Well, I'm over that, after all, where I live, it used to actually be a rock pit, and my dad made his living hauling round rock out of it to places like Bonneville Power, etc. I have enough rocks!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Plant Sale at Columbia County Fair

Well, the Columbia County Fair is on at the St. Helens Columbia County Fairgrounds, and I'm sure lots and lots of people are having a blast seeing all the sites there are to see. Don't know yet if I can make it up this weekend, there's a LOT going on this time of year, and so many choices. One thing they started last year and I was sooooo glad to hear they are doing again: A Plant SALE!!
And I mean a huge plant sale. Means Nursery, in Scaapoose, Or., has such beautiful plants, and the people are so nice! So NICE in fact, that they organize the plant sale at the fair and all proceeds go to the fair! Last year, I was amazed at the plants they brought in and the prices were AMAZING! I sooooo want to go get more plants, I have a large place way in the back that I'm trying to tame and make a little park-y and at these prices, it's very affordable. My sister and niece went yesterday and they said, yep, the sale is just as good as last year, and nothing was over $20.!!!

So, if you aren't doing anything, and you've got something to haul plants in, head to the fair and load up the truck! You won't find a better deal on some plants. Just a plug for the good 'ole Columbia County Fair!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Woohoo! I'm on a treasury AND Etsy Vintage Blog!!

I love it when I get put on a treasury on Etsy! I also love this tin! Isn't it the cutest thing? The treasury is all about the ball game, so it worked well with my listing. This Etsian was really creative, in my opinion, of course I'm happy she picked my tin! Thanks so much Jennifer!!

AND, I don't know how I managed to have such an awesome Etsy day, just listed these things this morning! Right after I listed stuff, I was busy all day doing stuff like stacking firewood with the family.

Back to my other exciting news! I had listed this this morning also, and I was checking my Etsy shop and also saw this note: Hi, just a note to let you know your vintage bingo spinner game is being featured on my Etsy-Vintage blog.

Love your stuff!

Now, wasn't that nice?? I have "met" some awesome Etsy people since I joined! It's just a really different group, not like Ebay experiences. Anyway, that was a great end to my hard-working day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Grandma's House is for sale

If anyone is in need of relocating to the Pacific NW, the family is in the process of selling a few pieces of property of my husband's parents. I don't have pictures right now of the 775 acre farm in Heppner, OR right now, but thought I'd share the link to the one along the Columbia River.

This home is in a gated community, it is right on the Columbia River waterfront, with a beautiful view of Mt. St. Helens. It is about 45 minutes from the coast, and 1 1/2 hours from Portland. The pictures don't show it, but it has another small cottage/guest house annexed to it that has it's own bathroom and partial kitchen.

The house is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, has huge storage room in the back (not shown). Private dock for boating or fishing. Good fishing, too! It's directly across the river from Puget Island.

The nearest town has only 1800 population, so it is a pretty laid-back community if you are wanting to get out of the big city.