Friday, July 17, 2009

Plant Sale at Columbia County Fair

Well, the Columbia County Fair is on at the St. Helens Columbia County Fairgrounds, and I'm sure lots and lots of people are having a blast seeing all the sites there are to see. Don't know yet if I can make it up this weekend, there's a LOT going on this time of year, and so many choices. One thing they started last year and I was sooooo glad to hear they are doing again: A Plant SALE!!
And I mean a huge plant sale. Means Nursery, in Scaapoose, Or., has such beautiful plants, and the people are so nice! So NICE in fact, that they organize the plant sale at the fair and all proceeds go to the fair! Last year, I was amazed at the plants they brought in and the prices were AMAZING! I sooooo want to go get more plants, I have a large place way in the back that I'm trying to tame and make a little park-y and at these prices, it's very affordable. My sister and niece went yesterday and they said, yep, the sale is just as good as last year, and nothing was over $20.!!!

So, if you aren't doing anything, and you've got something to haul plants in, head to the fair and load up the truck! You won't find a better deal on some plants. Just a plug for the good 'ole Columbia County Fair!


Bella Dreams said...

Hi! Thanks for joining us at Bella Dreams! Keep checking back we're always having lots of silly fun! I scrolled down and toured your Grandma's house. I could so live in that area of the country. I bet the weather is fabulous. I love your blog. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love County Fairs! Especially the sickly sweet cotton candy - yum!

Thanks for following my blog!

Sarah :)

What makes you happy? said...

Looks and sounds wonderful.

What makes you happy? said...

Hello again - I just had to pop back to thank you for your warm welcome to blogging.