Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting ready for company

Whew! It's a whirlwind around here, and here I am taking a break. My husband is on the phone right now trying to figure out if we are really supposed to get a high-wind storm tomorrow, since we invited our whole church, and many other friends to our home for an "Apple cider pressing/potluck/music party". We told everyone weeks ago to plan on this, gather your apples, and your jugs, bring your lawn chairs and your musical instruments........ Then the weatherman has to try and foul it all up. We do have 3 good-sized gazebos we were putting up, but...high winds??? I am just finished steaming some grape juice from the 10 boxes of grapes Kristin and I picked in Banks 2 days ago. I have bowls of tomatoes and other veggies to get made into salsa, and here I am trying to get my house cleaned, too, b/c we're having a party! I get a little nervous b/f everyone gets here, our house really isn't fancy or anything, which, hey, that works, since it's probably going to be a huge mess after it's over! I'll try and get some pics and share how it goes this weekend. Well, better get back to work!

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