Tuesday, September 30, 2008

People Are Still Eating!

Of course, like everyone, the economy effects us all in different ways and different degrees. Every since 9/11, I've had moments when I've wondered if the work would be there, but you know, the Lord has always taken really good care of us, and I believe He always will supply what we truly need. I've mentioned my husband is a carpenter; he builds custom homes. He's only had one guy work with him all these years (right now my brother-in-law is working with him). In the 13 years since he's been on his own (as opposed to working for other contractors), he's only advertised once, in our local once a week paper. Never got a job from it, either. Other that that, he's not listed in the yellow pages, doesn't really put his business card out there, none of that. Seriously, God gives him work! And God has impressed in his life that it's important to do your best, to be honest, to be fair. So, in all that, although there have been a couple slack periods, where we were waiting on county and financial instutions to give loans to the homeowners, he's always had work. Thank you Lord! We don't take it lightly that He's done this, that's for sure.
You might now, my little home kitchen is licensed for baking. I bake breads, cookies, desserts, mostly around the holidays, I bake a LOT of Finnish Cardamom Bread. Well, our dinky little community store just recently got a new owner, I told her I bake and we worked out a give-it-a-try kind of arrangement to see if it would be worthwhile for me to bake for the store. Our "town" is only 1800 population, and we are 3 1/2 miles out of town, so, you know, not a huge community. Boy, have I been surprised with how she's been selling my baked stuff! I wasn't doing it for a job, I don't really want a job, I have work to do at home, and homeschooling is one major part of my day. But baking a little isn't too hard for me, so it's working out pretty well.
I came home tonite from my mother-in-law's to a message on my answering machine, my marionberry coffee cakes I just brought in this morning were sold out already! Yay!! Needless to say, my house again smells like marionberry coffeecake. Yesterday it also smelled like molasses cookies, which are a real downfall for me. So, now I know, people are still spending money, at least on food!
I don't have tv in my home, except for videos, no radio b/c I can't get reception, I see what's on my computer, hear what people are saying, and read the newspaper. So, no, I wasn't immune to hearing all the stock market woes. Like anyone else, it does send up a red flag, but, we just have to remember WHO really does feed us and clothe us.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Sooo great to find another Oregonian and a Christian to boot! I adore vintage items as well and decorate my home with them. Will have to bookmark ya. cherry

Gettysburg Homestead said...

How wonderful!!!! I LOVE molasses cookies too. Are you by chance going to post the secret recipe??? LOL.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Great post! God is so good! I'm glad that your baked goods are selling. Maybe it will bring in some extra $$$ for Christmas or a rainy day.

simple~needs said...

no matter what, we are never going to give up food!!
food , especially swwets, takes us back to better times.... i know it does for me. its comfort food.
good for you on selling some goodies. ;)