Sunday, September 7, 2008

All that weeding and watering pays off!

Yum, now the work of the garden yields it's fruit! We had fresh corn tonite, so fresh that the pot of water was boiling as the corn was picked. There is nothing like fresh homegrown corn-on-the-cob. And tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes with a little mayo and a little salt......I could eat those for a meal in itself.
I don't know if all the tomatoes (which are loaded) are going to ripen in time for the "earnest rain" we'll no doubt soon get, before a blight gets them, etc., but I'm sure hoping I have a good harvest. I have some jars of tomatoes left from last year, but not enough, and NO salsa left either. I've checked the prices locally and at $22. a box, I'm really hoping for my own tomatoes more than ever.
I have been able to harvest a lot of applesauce and apple pie filling for basically the cost of the sugar I added to them, since my mother-in-law bought me a LOT of jar lids. I've canned several pints (enough for our family) of pickled beets, again, free. I've got berries and rhubarb mom picked and gave me. My greenbeans came from my own garden this year, instead of paying $1.75 a pound for them. So far, I have a lot of things put away with just work invested. I know I'm going to have to buy the peaches, which are an expense, but necessary. And I still need more blueberries, but those are only .85 a pound, and basically organic. We'll get out the cider press soon, and that will put a dent in the juice. I didn't grow enough corn to freeze for a year, which I should have, but we'll just have to pay the price through the year. All in all, not a bad year for putting stuff away. There are a lot of people who are into recycling, but not a lot of people make use of food going to waste. I'm not poor, but if I was, I'd sure be out there asking to pick the apples people let rot on their trees, or blackberries that are plentiful in our area.
It frustrates me, ok, I know I'm griping, but I hate it when I am so careful about how I shop for groceries, staying on a budget, etc. I hardly ever buy junk in a box premade, can't afford it and it isn't that healthy anyway. I get up to the cash register and I'm next to someone (It happnes every time, I'm not kidding) who has a huge load of groceries. I've caught myself feeling jealous that they can afford all that food and I can't. Then they whip out the food stamp card and out the door they go with food a lot of hard working Americans can't afford to buy.
I'm not against helping people who need help, but our welfare system is out of control. People do take advantage and food manufacturers don't help. You know a LOT of food companies would squeal if food stamps couldn't be used to buy potato chips or pop or boxed foods or candy. I believe that if people on food stamps were forced to actually buy food that is nutritious and has to be prepared, you'd see a lot of people getting tired of eating oatmeal. I know, now is NOT a good time to complain, when so many people are out of work. Well, don't send me hate mail, I truly wouldn't want to see anyone go hungry.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

I remember as a kid we only ate what our garden produced. We didn't buy canned veggies at the store ever except brussell sprouts. My parents are getting too old to manage the garden now so yes they do buy from the store. But yes we grew up on ery little our milk was delivered to the house we got government cheese, but it was only my Dad who worked my Mom chose to stay home with us. No we didn't have everything, but we had enough to live. Now a days I think your right too many people rely on government assistance. Trust me those on the medical card call the ambulance for things such as a clogged ear. And yes we do have to transport them. It is crazy.


oodlekadoodle said...

Yes it feels good to produce our own food when we can...I use to can every summer & fall..With 8 hungrey little mouths to feed i had to....Now days so many peple don't know how to preserve food or for that matter to even cook from scratch, which tastes better....The people with the food stamps might be someone who until recently was able to shop like that with their own money and that is what they are use to doing...The others were probably never taught how to buy food and the right food to buy....I understand how you feel, but just think how much luckier you are really with your knowledge and desire to take care of yourself...Doesn't it feel good to see all the beautiful canned good and know you preserved it, not to mention you harvested some of it yourself.....God Bless you