Monday, August 1, 2011

Joy in All This Business of Life

Seriously, I've never neglected my blog this long! It's my son's fault. It's also his fault the months have literally flown by!
On Valentine's Day, my son called and asked me, "Do you think it's weird if I don't get Janae jewelry for Valentine's Day? I'm planning on buying her a major piece of jewelry." My word were, "Of course not! She doesn't seem materialistic anyway, I think she'd just love your devotion." ----"WHAT MAJOR PIECE OF JEWELRY?!!  Is this my son I'm talking to? So, he AND his 7 year old son proposed to her about a month later! Actually, my grandson spilled it and said, "Will you marry us?" before Steven could slow him down!
So, that was March, and then we had to scramble. He gave her NO time to plan a July wedding. Then he decided that he'd love to get married in my mom's yard, like his sister did. THEN he decided that we could have the rehearsal dinner in MY yard! So, for literally months, we've been working around here, getting ready for the wedding.  My mom lives a few acres over, and her view looks down the river on a clear day. Beautiful setting. The rehearsal went well, then came the dinner. It started to drizzle. 60 people in my yard! My grandson built a fire in the outdoor fireplace, we had the gazebo (which my husband had been working on for months), we had a canvas gazebo, and my porch is large, so we still managed to actually have a wonderful time.  Next day, Wedding Day, it rained like I've never seen it rain in Oregon on a summer day. Everyone was in a good mood, but it was a little stressful. On with the wedding, right? After the photos with the photographer it started to let up, and right at 5 pm, the sky broke open to a beautiful evening! The wedding turned out gorgeous. All those chairs I thought would be empty were full. The groom kissed his bride, and the balloons rose behind them. We danced 'til late into the beautiful night.
Funny thing was, the next morning, it poured down rain again! But we were so thankful that we had such a beautiful wedding.
Right after that, we barely got everything cleaned up and put away, and our church had their week long family camp! We're now recuperating from that and soon will have to start homeschool and canning and finishing up the garden! So, that's where I've been!
My grandson-fell asleep right before the wedding!

I haven't even managed to get to to many yard sales or estate sales YET this year, but when we go on our camping trip I'm making up for it. It's an understanding that I at least get to go one morning! We've all worked so hard, it's TIME for a break before school starts.