Friday, December 7, 2007

My Christmas Pillowslips

Robin, from Bird in Hand Primitives is, I believe the designer of all of these doodles I made into pillowslips for some pillows I already had. I really didn't want to go buy new pillows, then store them in the Christmas stuff all year, so I decided to just make pillowslips out of them. Thanks very much, Robin!!!
Also, a day of baking. Had an order of cinnamon rolls to make for a shop, then later today I think we'll make some cookies. We have invited the whole church over tomorrow to play instruments and sing and eat and have a good time! It will be a houseful, if they can make it. Some are still having a hard time getting anywhere, with the flood we just had washing out roads, driveways, and highways!

See what I've been baking? Yum, gooey caramel cinnamon rolls!

1 comment:

Robin said...

I love them Karen !!! You did an asome job with them !!! And...I might add those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious !! Wow....I've got to get to baking !!!