Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life has it's twists and turns

Haven't had a lot of chances to blog lately. I have had lots going on, life's been different, with my MIL not doing well, trying to take my turns at helping care for her. During all this, my daughter had what she thought was kidney stones (b/c she's had that problem several times, and all through her last pregnancy). Well, she dealt with the pain for almost a week, before she became aware that she might be pregnant or miscarrying. She took the home test, and yes, the chemicals were there, but extreme pain. When she called the doctor over the weekend, they said to get to the hospital right away, and they did an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Her tube had ruptured, and she had extreme internal bleeding, so she ended up with a transfusion. She found out later she had a 50% chance of making it. Needless to say, it's been a stressful time for her and for us. She's on the road to recovery. With all that's going on, I have been so thankful for my family. Appreciation and thankfulness are a theme for me right now!

But spring is coming, and soon. I refused last week to acknowledge any snow, it was just a heavy frost LOL. Or at the least, just winter's way of trying to make one last blast b/c it was losing to spring! I love spring, summer, and fall. Spring is best, b/c there's still summer and fall left, right?

I have been able to keep my greenhouse going. I have some giant lima beans outgrowing their pots, I've never tried those. Tomatoes, green peppers, cilantro, pumpkins, cukes, some flowers, but not enough. A friend told me she grew and harvested watermelons in her greenhouse; I'm thinking that be fun to try. I do enjoy the greenhouse. I went out there yesterday and just enjoyed the warmth, the just close your eyes and imagine summer!

I haven't had a lot of time for crafting. You'd think taking care of Grandma would give me some time, but somehow, I stay busy and haven't had a lot of extra time. But, I did manage to get another rabbit done. I seem to be doing once in awhile, and I've sold a couple on Etsy. I get kind of attached to them, they have a Peter Rabbit kind of look about them, don't you think?


Barn House said...

A Green House would be lovely!! Last year we planted our vegetables in the middle of March and it snowed at the beginning of April. We don't think we will be as ambitious this year. :o)

Pickles In My Shoe said...

Karen those rabbits are so cute! I didn't know you did stuff like that!

Halo Hill said...

I understand so much of what you're going through. I also went through an ectopic pregnancy when I was 17! Very scary (married when I was 16... that was scary too)!

LOVE your rabbits!! Love EM!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.