Friday, April 3, 2009

No more water dripping from the sky please!

Randy told me we're supposedly supposed to maybe possibly have no rain this weekend? Oh, pleeze, let there be sunshine! I know I'm not the only one who needs some sun! Usually, it seems like the amount we get is liveable, but this last month has been almost depressing, if we let it be! BUT, if we get clear skies this weekend, I've got plans! I'm hoping my weedeater starts right up, like on the first pull or two of the cord. I've gone out to do some weedeating, full of energy to get some work done, only to use up all my energy trying to get the weedeater started. Anyone else ever do this? I try and try, it almost starts, then, nothing! Times like this, I start crying like a baby, sometimes kick something, get mad, call my husband and tell him to get me a new weedeater! Last year he did get me a new one, and his brother, who owns the John Deere store, tells him, you can't leave the gas in lawn equipment for more that a week or two, b/c the gas goes bad. Well, this year, I should have it down, right? We'll see.
Funny thing about weedeating, if you do any weedeating. After you get done, every where you go for the next week, you see it needs to be weedeated. It's like the couple hours you've been at it, you're looking for more and more grass that can be cut shorter, you realize how much better it looks, you go at it like an axe-grass-killer, cutting everything you see. The motor runs, kinda shakes your brain somehow, and all you can think when you get done, is, "there's more elusive grass to weedeat!" It's everywhere!
So, weedeating is on my list, and it will feel like a new haircut!
I'm in the mood for garage saleing, for estate sales, stuff like that. I've seen people mention sales they're having on their blogs, but I haven't seen mention of how sales are going, with the word we hear constantly, "economy". Are people still spending money, do you think? I hope so!
Yesterday, I needed to bake for the little store down the road. Ever get one of those days, you don't know what to fix for supper? That's how I felt yesterday. I decided scones sounded good, which was funny b/c when I saw a friend at Safeway, I told her I was trying to think of what I wanted to bake, she said scones, too. Well, that confirmed it for me!
I found a new recipe here, and made a few changes. I used craisins, (craisings don't chop well in a Pampered Chef food chopper, I found out) instead of fresh cranberries. I did use the cream brushed on the tops, and added some pearl sugar, thought that would make a nice crunch. If you like scones, they were a recipe worth following! Very buttery, flaky, and with the glaze on top, just the right amount of light sweetness. Yum! Make some for yourself this weekend.


Cher said...

Garage sales are great here but with the University we're sort of recession proof. Your lovely plate and goodies look yummy!

The Texas Woman

Snow White said...

thanks for stopping by! I have a fruit-filled oatmeal bar that apricot would taste excellent in! I'll have to try it.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hey Karen!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't been blog hopping as much as I'd like to lately. Sounds like you've been very busy,too!

Hope that your DD and MIL are doing better.

Enjoy this Springy weekend!!


Sparrow said...

Hello Karen! Finally we are getting SUNSHINE!!! and I have been sick in bed for a week! I have a horrible case of bronchitis! I tried to go do some work outside and I surely paid for it... so I am staying in bed til I get better! No pics of the house yet... we will move in May. I can't wait. How are things your way?


Laurie said...

Hi Karen... Just a note to say "hi", it's raining today, but looks like we're going to have a great weekend!!!

Susie Q said...

Darlin' I woke up this morning and saw SNOW on the tree outside the window! NO!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOO over winter, but someone doesn't care!

I'd rather have rain than snow...