Monday, December 6, 2010

My Folded Book Page Wreath

I've seen a lot of paper projects lately! My friend, Lisa, (Uncovered Ruby) made some awesome wreathes for the last sale we went to in Battleground, the Vintage Gathering. Hers were a lot different and very beautiful, made of sheet music.
I finally got around to making one out of an old history book. It was a lot of fun, but more time consuming than I expected. The best part was that all it cost me was some glue sticks! I hung it on my window for now! The second one isn't very clear, sorry, but it's from the back side of the window hanging from a beam between my living room & dining room.

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Florence said...

Looks like and sounds like you had fun. Hugs Florence

Uncovered Ruby said...

Looks wonderful Karen! It is amazing how time consuming they are, but they turn out so cool! Love you..lisa

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I love anything made with paper. Your wreath turned out great.