Monday, November 7, 2011

A Busy November

It's that time of year again, and gosh it came fast! I've been busy trying to get all the things done that I wait for the last minute to do, which only adds extra stress to my day. As a lot of you know, I am a Finnish Cardamom bread baker. Well, I bake lots of stuff, but this is what people usually know me for in the baking department. I've baked and sold this bread for...older than my own age lol.  OK, a little less than half my age! Wow, that makes me feel old!
I will be baking all of Thursday for a sale on Friday, then coming home and baking most of the night for the next day! But I love it.  By the way, I will have the marionberry coffeecakes, too. I get in trouble if I don't bring those~!
My daughter, Kristin and I both love to bake, AND do vintage sales, and some handmade creations besides. These sales this winter can't involve vintage, (unless we sneak them in a props!) but we'll be having a very full menu on our plates as it is. If you get down to the Longview, WA area, stop by and see us. If you need directions, just send me an email.
I'm not "positive", but I believe we'll be in Astoria, OR after Thanksgiving, doing their Winter Market. I've talked to the lady, and sent in my registration, but I still need to confirm it, so I'll post on that later.
It's always fun when we're at a sale and someone says, "I read your blog". The first time it happened, it kind of embarrassed me, because I knew NOTHING about them, and they knew what an airhead I AM lol. Anyway, don't be shy, say hi! ~ Karen


Julia said...

O! I shouldn't have read this at breakfast time, now I want some!! Its good being busy doing something you love. Blessings!!!

Andy's Attic said...

Good luck at all your sales. This is the time of year for all your baked goodness!!