Monday, January 9, 2012

One of those...days

One way to find some time!
Do you ever have one of those days (or months, or lifetimes) when you feel a little crazy. Like you're "losing 'it'"? Well, after a very busy baking season in November and December, I've just been plain lazy. Trying to set goals, get some things done. I love accomplishing things. But after the busy time, I've slept in more than I have in a long time, just kinda re-cooping. However, I'm a mom, so I can't completely lose order. Or stuff. Or my mind.
The other day I went to make a quick, small batch of bread with my food processor. It has all those attachments, you know? The extra bowl, the extra blade(s). Well, I went to put the dough blade in, and it didn't go into the bottom. Only half-way down; that won't work. So, I'm thinking, where's the "other" blade? I searched, and searched. I suddently remembered that I'd found my OLD food processor blade in the drawer awhile back, and through it out. My heart sank as I was suddenly POSITIVE that I'd thrown it in the Goodwill. I started to go to my car to check the Goodwill bag, but the car was with my husband. I decided to search every drawer. By now, I felt a little icky. I hate losing things. It nags at me, and causes me to lose sleep. After a thorough search, I "decided" my daughter must have misplaced it. I'll have her help me search.
So, today, I start to make bread again, then I remember, no blade. I have a wonderful Bosch mixer I use for all my other bread, but thing was, THIS was missing. It had to be found or replaced. After searching again, I went to Ebay. That's not going to help me, because I was afraid to buy one and have it be the wrong one. So, I decide to call Cuisinart. I get through to the nice lady at the other end. She asks me all the appropriate info. Then I ask her, "It DID come with two dough blades, right?" She says, "No, it only had one." So, while I'm talking to her, I pick up that dough blade, push it down where it should go, then sheepishly have to admit to her that I indeed have the RIGHT blade, I don't need any more help. I didn't need to admit it, but I told her, "I'm just so glad to find out I'm not losing my mind!" I tell myself that she probably gets nut-case calls all the time.
Seriously, though. I wonder how many people lose something, go crazy looking for it, and start to feel like they're ready for the nuthouse. I think at times like this, is when I hear what I've heard all my life. That I'm scatterbrained. There are a lot of us, and I know I'm in good company, but it's always nice to know "I still got it!" I'm coming to the conclusion that the mind is the most important thing to not misplace.
So, on that note, I'll wish you all a wonderful New Year.  My first month of the year goes a little like Martha Stewart's, with organizing. And cleaning. The older I get, the more I have a need to be more organized. I guess my mom will be glad that I have finally grown up. -Just don't look in my Etsy/craft room on most days.


Andy's Attic said...

I don't think you are scatterbrained. We all do things like that. I think in this day and age we just have too much garbage in our heads to try to sort through sometimes.

Julia said...

Ha! You are indeed in good company!!!