Friday, February 24, 2012

Junk Shopping Fun

I celebrated getting those icky taxes done. Went junking. And what fun I had! Actually, my husband went with me, he likes junking as much as I do. Sometimes you have those days where you don't find a thing that interests you, at least I seem to have those days. Once in awhile I think I'm going to give up on certain places because you don't find anything good. Well, three places I love to hit please me plenty yesterday!
I found some great vintage games, a cute little metal recipe box, all kinds of stuff. My favorite things were these metal industrial trash cans, pretty awesome:
 Or how about this really great 70s Flower Power Chip and Dip set?
But my favorite find? I could not believe there were not one, but TWO of these beautiful wicker baby baskets! My lucky day!
  And now, lucky for you I can't "talk" long. It's "girls craft night" with the girls in my family. Mom, Sis, her girls, my girls, and other friends. I'm gathering all my paper project stuff and my Silhouette SD that I just bought from my niece (because she got the super duper Cameo) and we're going to play, and eat, and TALK.
Check my Etsy for some great finds, including these awesome treasures, when I get a chance to list them!!! 

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Victoria said...

Great baby baskets! I had one for my daughter when she was little, I lined with some pretty quilting.

Good scores!