Friday, March 9, 2012

Talented Toymakers

When Kristin and I had our little shop full of awesome vintage finds (many from other vendors), we got to know some friends who are local to our area. This brother/sister team, well, actually the whole family, is so talented it amazes me.
Jeff makes some of the most awesome toy boats. They have a ton of detail, are finished so well I think he said they can float in a hot tub.  Although we sold some for little boys' toys, big boys liked them to put on their windowsills, too.

 And these little tiny baskets are so neat, too!

And what about these swords? He's got some neat toys that are not your typical box store toys. If you have a little boy with a lot of imagination, you might want to take a look.

And for the girls? Well, Jennifer is the talented sister. Also a very nice person! She is the marketer for "Friendly Fairies" and she's got some pretty neat party hats. Take a look!

I think she does custom orders, too. And no, she didn't even know I was going to post this on my blog. I just thought you might like to see some really cute kids' toys!

I've got spring fever. I hope you are jumping into spring like a kid in a mud puddle! I've managed to get out and do a little tilling, a little planting, a little walking around my yard, dreaming.


Jennifer Bohrer said...

Thanks Karen! Hope you have a lovely weekend....Jennifer

Andy's Attic said...

Those are wonderful toys and the kind that are passed down from one generation to another. Great talent!

Uncovered Ruby said...

Karen my friend! I'm just now reading and responding to comments on the blog..I love you too! Change is hard, it's rather weird, but God's always got a plan, so I rest in Him. I'm not sure how much posting I'll be doing, but yes, I'd love to get together with you again. Let's email, because I don't get on the blog often enough!
Lisa ;-)

Julia said...

Love these! My grandson would be all over that boat, and the swords! And my grandgirls with those crowns on their heads?! Very talented indeed1