Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bears for Adoption

Aren't they cute?  I'm still going through totes of stuff from my storage unit treasures! I seem to have aquired a Boyd's Bears collection. I know there are at least 30 adorable little guys/girls here. I should have counted when I was putting them in the basket.  They're up for adoption, if you're interested, make me an offer on the lot. (Gosh, I feel terrible saying it like that! I feel like I need to give them good homes, but don't really have time to adopt individually, and I can't afford to feed them!) Add about $15. shipping to your offer, in the U.S.
Besides adopting out bears, I'm still uncovering treasures. Haven't even started with listing anything yet, I've been sorting, washing pottery and glass, and trying to manage my real life at the same time! I'm racing the clock to have everything organized so that I can be OUTSIDE when we finally get some sunshine. I know everyone thinks it only ever rains in Oregon, but truly, we get some gorgeous weather here, and when we do, we celebrate it!

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Andy's Attic said...

Good luck with adoption. My cat woudl never put up with so many bears in the house :>)