Thursday, October 25, 2012

36 Tube Candle Mold/More of My Finds

Wood Frame 36 Tube Candle Mold
I've been trying to keep working at my Etsy shop, getting more of the things I've found this year into my shop. If you're like me, you put something away to deal with later, and it's like Christmas getting it back out!  Well, I'm making use of the rain we finally got, trying to set myself goals, etc. I don't do a lot of Ebay anymore, but I did put this awesome 36 candle mold on Ebay tonight.  It's just pretty neat! Imagine the lady who used this! I'm not sure, but in those days, it seems like you'd be lucky to have one of these, I always thought the really primitive way to do it was to dip the wick over and over and over.... This is making me want to read Little House books again!
I hope everyone's adjusting to the cool season. It just doesn't seem like some people should have snow already, or that the temperatures have dropped almost instantly. I wasn't quite ready for the rains and cold, but at least I'm getting some stuff done inside!

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Andrea said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that wonderful comment! It's nice to "meet" you!