Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Ship Came In!

Well, we may have had an extraordinarily nice summer, and the first of fall was gorgeous, but for the past week it's been a downpour and right now, we are in the midst of a windstorm. In fact, we NEVER have things like tornadoes, and do you know, across the Columbia River into the city of Longview, WA, they had a tornado! And right at that time, my son was in a man lift, fixing a roof on a building when it hit, and tore off MORE of the roof! Weird weather. But nice. As long as everyone is safe, bring it on ;-).  
So, today, since we're having such stormy weather, the Junk Alley girls, near Astoria, were having a sale. And of course, we had to go. But I am soooooo glad I did! Can you believe what I found? It's a wooden ship (toy??), pretty heavy, and pretty rustic, but oh, so awesome! I snatched it up, along with a few other things, of course. Look at the detail that went into it, the tole painting on it! Definitely riding in the car with my dad, hyrdoplaning in the water on the roads???  I don't know, about that, but I did make it home! The boat definitely wouldn't have gotten me here. 

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