Thursday, January 3, 2008

Estate Sale Tomorrow!! It's About Time!!

Well, I believe the lady is still living, so I can be glad for that. BUT, I LOVE estate sales, garage sales, you know....junk! And TOMORROW there is finally an estate sale in our area! Yippee!! I am definitely not loaded with dollars this time of year, especially w/Randy having been out of work waiting on his new house building project to get started (paperwork glitches, ya know?). But, he's back to work, and all I'm going to be looking for is little junk. Cheap junk. OK, if there is another great deal on a piece of furniture, it will be hard to pass, but, just getting to go through junk is fun. So, first thing in the morning, I'm getting in line to go to this sale, and there better be something for me!!

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SimpleFolk said...

Wishing you the very best of luck for some fantastic finds! There's nothing I love more than a "treasure hunt." :-)

My sister and I attend a sale once a year hosted by a little old lady who owns a farmhouse and a log cabin. She buys old treasures all year long and sells them (dirt cheap, I might add) to those who will love them. We walked out of there with old rockers ($20 and antique quilts ($10), and other goodies by the arm loads! (We had to come back with the truck, lol.)

I love your blog! Thanks for linking my site. I hope you enjoy your visits. :-)

Amy (SimpleFolk)