Monday, January 14, 2008

Yippee, they came!

My daughters and I are dying to try out our soldered art projects and have been waiting for the mailman to bring us some glass slides! They came today, so now we're in for fun! Another project, LOL.
I finally found where I put the vintage Valentines that I usually put on my old window hanging on a beam between my living room and dining room. I had mounted them are cardstock and held them in place with photo corners so I didn't have to use glue. I love old Valentines! I've bought some for the purpose of using for scrap, then can't part with them. I guess I need to at least make a scrapbook, but my window is a good place for some of them and I can enjoy them. My goal is to have them up this week. My other goal is to complete my Valentine swap projects from my PP&R group and get them mailed out. I'm having fun with those. Valentines remind me of childhood days, the beautiful happy colors, the wonder of getting the cards in the "mail" envelopes that we had hanging on our desks and EVERYONE put one in. Not like how it happens on Charlie Brown, where he gets no Valentine. I just feel like crying when I think of someone not getting a Valentine and the other kids do. So hopefully I'll have pics to share of my Valentines real soon!

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