Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Yesterday Again!! My sweet wool flower clips!!

I'm finally getting going on Etsy!! I have been working on some sweet little hooked wool hair pretties, do you like them? They were a lot of fun to make and I even got them listed!! I've had a hard time getting stuff like that done lately.
But today!!! Well, I got a batch of cardamom bread baked for a lady who ordered it, (I baked so much of it at Christmas time, I thought I wouldn't want to see it again LOL). She ordered 4 loaves, so I guess I will have 2 extra to ........take to Church youth group??? Share with family???? I do believe one loaf is going to a very nice elderly man and his wife in our church who are having a very hard time with health issues.
I also got my Marionberry Crumble Coffee Cake baked today!!! Yum, that is so good and buttery and tart/sweet! It keeps very well, and I have been wanting to get some of my baked things on etsy, I'm photographing it!! Who gets it after the photo session???? We'll see!

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