Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Springy Bunny

Yep, I do have spring fever, and here to celebrate with me is Betty Bunny. I just got her listed on Etsy, too, so I am getting some of my projects going, right? She was tons of fun. I am making a primitive one, but that is still in the works.

My petunias are growing and wanting to bloom! I am pinching them back so they get a little bushier. I bought some flower seeds off of ebay b/f the boycott and they should be in the Can't wait!! The last few days have been beautiful and I've taken advantage of it and actually got my first flower bed cleaned out. I want to keep my flowers up better this year, especially since Kristin and I aren't doing th shop anymore. I'm really looking forward to just being around home. I can still do crafting, but also, all the home stuff that I enjoy. Do I "enjoy" weeding? Well, it takes a push to get me out to pull those obnoxious weeds that I can't seem to conquer, but it's very good for me.

I'm off to a lady's retreat from church this afternoon, so better go get my projects together that I'm wanting to do. Kristin and I are actually leading a craft time with the ladies, and we are making..... coffee filter roses that Cassie Chappell featured on Martha Stewart. That should be lots of fun, and maybe some laughs.

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