Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandma's Pretty Things

We've had to all this week try and get my MILs home ready to sell. She actually already had it listed, but she's had so much stuff, we needed to thin in out to make it more "staged". So the family has been getting together, sharing a lot of Grandma's keepsakes. We actually all had different tastes, so it's worked out pretty well. But none of us needed what is probably hundreds of pieces of Fenton glass, she collected the pretty hobnail stuff. I got a couple of pretty vases, mostly as a remembrance, but now we've listed the entire collection on Craigslist. I know it took her quite some time to collect this stuff, too. Pretty isn't it?And this isn't even all of it!

It's all been kind of forced to happen so quickly. She has this home along the Columbia for sale, and she already had their farm in Heppner listed for sale. So, if you know anyone who is looking for an Eastern Oregon farm with 875 acres of land and full water rights, let me know LOL. I can direct you to the realtor! Or, if you just want a vacation home along the Columbia River, 45 minutes from the ocean, there is that option. This home is actually kinda neat, it has a fully equipped cottage on in, so you can have your guests stay there! Have I sold you on it LOL? I know the timing isn't exactly great for real estate sales, but at least my FIL invested in something real, right? I keep thinking the Eastern Oregon property would be good for a vineyard, with the rolling hills. And not so much rain! For that I could almost give up all the trees around me, but not quite.
It's raining her today, and I'm quite in the mood to get some crafting done. It's been awhile since I've done anything, and I do have a CLEAN craft room to work in that's been calling me. I have some cushions to work on, and some glass projects Natalie showed me how to make still unfinished. Better go get started or it will be time to get dinner started!

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Susan said...

ooooh I love it! My grandmother has plenty of those type of dishes too that I simply adore! :)

Susan @ www.peanutpetuia.blogspot.com