Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Family's Been Busy

I know I've posted lately about taking care of my mother-in-law, who had been ill for quite some time, until her fight with emphesema, pneumonia, lupis, and a few other things, was finally over. We had her memorial today, and afterward, the family got together for dinner at her home and to watch a bunch of home videos that we came across recently.
She was already in the process of selling her 800 (I think it's 800) acre farm in Heppner, Or. Then, the home she bought along the Columbia River just last year, she decided to sell. She was thinking she'd like a smaller home. As it turned out, it was nice that she still had this one, because of all the places we could have been staying at to take care of her, this was great. You could just sit and watch the ships go down the Columbia, the ferry taking passengers from Wesport to Puget Island, the sea gulls, the fishermen....It is really a peaceful place to stay.
She had finally gone to Hospice, where we just can't be more appreciate of, with the care she got there. She got so frail, that it was literally hard to know how to move her. They took great care of her, and made it possible for us to just visit, not do the work. It was my first experience with anything like this, and they really made it easier on the whole family, so Thank you Hospice!!!
Well, since her home was already listed for sale, the kids got together and figured we'd better go in and arrange things, de-knick-knack a little, and get it ready for it to show. Sunday, a local guy came and filmed a virtual tour of it. I think he did a really good job. If you're interested, here's the link. We need to get it sold, plus, there's still her farm to sell, and a piece of commercial property. I know it's not a great time to sell, but we have had some inquiries already, so that was encouraging. The other great thing about this home, is it has a separate guest cottage!!

There are a bunch of things I really want to do now that there is a chance to take a breather. A couple days ago, we got our garden in, last weekend we spent working like crazy catching up with so much that had gotten behind. I'd just love to be able to go to the Farm Chicks sale. I keep trying to think how I could whine my way to that! So far, I've missed everything else that's gone on, and I have this need to get out and see what wonderful things people have come up with for their shows. I've got what, a couple days to come up with a reason why I really need to go! I can't just use the "getaway" excuse, 'cuz I already used that one to go to the Wallowa's soon. If nothing else, I guess I could just read about what a wonderful show it was from everyone else's blog, but isn't that just missing something?? I'm convinced LOL.


Karyn - (French Charming) said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, I hope you have peace in knowing that she's not suffering any longer and she's in a better place.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for being my newest follower!

I'm off to peruse through your blog and your Esty shop...I'll be back!


Florence said...

Thanks for stopping by I understand when you inherit things from family it is too hard to give them up, there is so much history there. I am going to Farm Chicks with three of my farm girl friends, we are so excited. I love the Wallowas we have gone there a couple of times.