Monday, June 1, 2009

Old People Need Young People

We went to see UP Sunday with the kids. I'm one of those odd people who have children 10 and 14, 30 and 31. So, since I have 4 grandkids, it's sometimes hard to not be thinking, "I should have brought the grandkids". But, for sure, if you're like me and have all ages of grandkids and kids (yes weird, and yes, my house won't be empty probably until I'm at least 62 lol), or you're a normal mom lol and have small kids, or a normal grandma, or if you have no child FIND ONE! This is a very poignant movie, at least it was to me. It made me appreciate and do my usual spacing-out over life, memories, plans we make, dreams..... It made me cry. I'm not sure if Randy cried, but I do know that since he's getting soooooo old, he is more emotional, so I'll bet he cried. Besides, he's pretty sentimental, kinda like me, adds an emotion on to the oddest things.

I saw myself in the man's wife, that is for sure! Hey, I saw my husband in the OLD MAN lol. It's funny how oposites attract, except that I thought for sure when I married my husband we were exactly alike. I mean, he laughed when I laughed, which was all the time. He was always smiling, I've been told I do that a lot. He was an airhead like me, right???? No, after about a year, I realized I married a smart man (never have figured out why an intellectual person who is quiet marries a fruitcake, but hey, it works for me!) He doesn't always smile, in fact sometimes I tell him he intimidates people (they tell me that!) He sometimes looks mad, but he's "thinking". If you look at us, you'd definitely think I never think ;)

The little boy in this movie was great. You want to gather his badges and bring him home. But I have one of these kinds of boys already! Everyone needs one.

We almost never go to the movies. We don't even have TV, I've mentioned before. But this movie is one you should go to with someone!!

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glimpse of my world said...

Me and my grandson went to see today and I loved it. even had a tear! I totally understand the mom, grandma thing.. my kids range from 27 - 18 with 2 grandkids 9 and 6 months! Cute blog i will be back..