Friday, June 12, 2009

Funky Junk, I wanna goooooo!

Well, I did miss the Farm Chicks sale last weekend, and I'm still pouting about that. I've heard my husband talking with my boys about bombers showing in Portland, and I haven't dropped my own BOMB yet lol. The Funky Junk Sisters are having their sale this weekend and I want to go pretty awfully bad! Plus it was my 50th birthday this week, and I'm still thinking I deserve everything I want this week, right? Well, mostly I got teased! But my mom put my pic in the local paper (just glad she didn't put either my 5th grade one, or my current one lol. Plus, she wrote "to our Sue" on it, and most people know me as Karen, unless they're one of my one million relative around here. I had to marry an out-of-towner just to make sure we weren't related lol.
Anyway, doesn't this just look like a ton of fun???? I think it would be a wonderful day for a ride to Puyallup!


Florence said...

If you go let me know. My friend and I are going so watch for me and I will watch for you. It sounds like a great show.

Florence said...

Karen I did go to the Funky Junk sale with my friend Erin it was a last minute decision we loved it and I got some great photos plus some treasures. My only wish is that it wasn't so close to the Farm Chicks Sale. sorry you missed them.

Susan said...

I missed the Farm Chicks show too and made it to this one! :) So glad to have found your blog!!

Susan @