Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In a drizzle, projects get finished!

Finally! Since it's a drizzly day I thought I'd quit putting off my neglected Etsy shop and get some things done! I've spent so much time outdoors, which is where I really love to be, but now it's time to get some indoor stuff done.
How do you like my needlefelted robin? Hmmmm, is my heart still outdoors? Well, he was made by my own little 'ole fingers and I don't believe I poked myself even once making him. I love his nest, on the old bed spring.
And I've sold the rabbits I've had in my Etsy shop, so while I was caring for Grandma, I was able to work on a couple of those and got this one finished up and listed! I'm on a roll!
I may even work on those chair pads for my porch furniture, who knows???
It's probably a good thing it's drizzly out today. Just last night, Randy and I were discussing whether we should be watering the lawn this summer. I said NO, our water bill is more than doubling b/c our community water source is putting in a new well, as we as shareholders get to pay for it. I don't think I want to pay double to keep the grass green, but when he says, "we'll see...", well, I can already "see" what that means! I'm not saying I don't just love green grass, and it does feel softer on your feet on your way to and from the pool. So, anyway, this dreizzle will be a relief to our lawn, since we've had such gorgeous Oregon weather for awhile now.
Well, better get back to my projects!


Florence said...

Karen I love that nest with the bird sitting on top a bed spring. I have a pattern for a sunflower made from wool nested on top of the spring. The weather is nice but very muggy today.

Pi said...

You could just water the strip of grass on the way to the pool! Or have Randy rig up a rain collector and water it with rainwater! I love your bunnies!

LillySue said...

Karen...Thank you for becoming my 70th follower, WoooHoooo!! Most people celebrate the number of posts they do, I like to celebrate how many friends I have. It just seems to make more sense to me!! I can blab all day, everyday, but when I make a new friend...THAT is special!! I LOVE your little robin! We will probably go see UP this week. I love that my teenagers still like to go see kid movies with Mama. I will make sure I take some tissues.