Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now I'm in Love..with my MILs rolling pin!

This week I've been pretty busy canning and cleaning up from a trip to Yakima to (go to the Clayson Farm show) get peaches. Well, the peaches were the way for me to get my husband to make SURE I was finally able to get to the Clayson Farm show. What a blast that was, but I'm going to tell my story backwards.
Cheating. I got 5 boxes of peaches and 2 boxes of gorgeous Apricots while in Yakima. Came home and started in on them. It was too early for Elbertas, and I can't remember what the name of my peaches were, but I felt like we got a great deal of some nice peaches at $10. a box. Around here they are $18. I saved one of my boxes of peaches to make pie filling, and this year I tried something I hadn't done before. In the past I've canned pie filling using regular corn starch, but it doesn't look that nice when you go to use it. It kind of congeals. Last year I found out about using clear gel, and gave it a try and I love the way it worked. The gel in the filling is translucent and beautiful.

Well, I had 2 extra quarts of pie filling so I decided to bake a couple pies and try it out. I was so busy and so tired that when I was at Cash n Carry, I decided to try Krusteaz pie crust mix. Wow, that was so easy, I may keep it around for emergency dessert! I usually don't CHEAT on my pie crust. In fact, sorry, but I like using lard for it. But you know what I'm in love with? Grandma's rolling pin! I cheated and got a picture off the web to show you the kind of rolling pin I mean. The marble kind. I had asked my MIL why she used such a heavy rolling pin when she was so weak, and she said she just doesn't bake anymore. After she passed away, my sister-in-law offered the rolling pin to me and I figured I'd give it a try. I was raised by a wood-rolling-pin-mom, so had never tried it. Am I ever glad I inherited it! I may never use the wooden one again. It's so heavy that you just roll it across the dough, it rolls out perfectly! If you're ever at a sale and see one, grab it! You will be in love, too.

Now, I'll back track and tell you, that, while I didn't get a gob of pictures at the Clayson Farm sale, it was well worth the 4 hours we drove to go to it. It was so country, so Americana, in a lot of ways. I love their place. I love that it has these little gutters of water going around the back yard, too. It was neat to get to go bombard their home with probably thousands of other people. Loved the old buildings, too. Everyone had such neat stuff, I was getting lost! My husband has his own things, books, that he watches for anywhere he goes, so that kept him and my son busy, besides the food lol. I wanted to stop and say hi to Leslee, but she was soooo busy. The vendors were all so nice. It's amazing to me, things you'd never be drawn to, you see displayed in such neat ways, you can't help but get inspired.

On our way out of town, we found the peaches, AND THIS BARN!!! We had to stop and take a couple pictures for our growing collection of dream barn pictures....for someday. We couldn't get too close or too gawky, but isn't it beautiful? A girl can dream!


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Florence said...

I wish we could of met up. Are you going to Barn House this weekend? That sale at Clayson was really great. Did you do the trip in one day? I too got peaches and thought I would make a batch of peach pie filling, the clear gel is the way to go and it actually is safer according to a recent article in our local paper.