Monday, August 3, 2009

A Dear Mom Letter from Your Son

This is the most fun I've had listing an item on Etsy! Sometimes you just gotta laugh. Below is my description for my listing:

I recently found this letter, written by a son in 1949 from the fully modern, 75 room Bvrwood Hotel and Apartments in Beatrice, NE. Mom evidentally collected stamps because the envelope has the familiar torn off stamp corner.

George writes that he is back in Beatrice for how long, he doesn't know. The second sentence, he gets right to the point: Oh yes, this is probably going to be a big surprise to you but Margaret and I are planning on getting married. How you are going to take this, I don't know.
(Mom's probably sitting down with her hanky now, her heart breaking, do you think?)

Sonny goes on to say Margaret is going to write mom a letter. (That's nice, don't you think?)

(It gets better) But you should be happy that I have found someone who I can say, you should know something about, and "who is a woman". (He really put that in parenthesis??? Hmmm, let's read some more) who will at least meet you halfway on anything. I do have to say, no matter what should be said, & what they think, I picked the right one.

(OK, back to business...) I hope your Easter plant was OK mother, and we also tried to call, but no dice, on account of the earthquake. (Well, I must say, that is one I haven't heard yet, have you???) I hope you are all right, all of you. ??? (Huh, he's not sure yet if they survived? And I thought my son went through some moments!) I will try and get out to see you real soon. Please tell all hello and kiss little Virgle for me.

He ends the letter, saying he'll give them news about his brother when he sees them, and Margaret does send her love.

(I'll bet mother is rocking away in that chair, with a far-away look in her eye. I know, I have a son. She's dabbing away at her cheeks, all her dreams are smashed b/c he didn't married little Sally down the street. Oh, I know I'm reading into this, but gosh, that's better than wondering if they made it through the earthquake. Oh yes, they must have, b/c momma already ripped the stamp off the envelope!)

Well, there is is. His letter is in the original, and is just waiting for you to use it in your art work lol.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Good Morning Karen!! What a wonderful, fun old letter! I can imagine that poor Mom, just wondering what kind of woman her son is ending up with!!

I as so surprised at your email this morning!! Thanks again!!!

Florence said...

I sometimes still find letters here from my girls that they wrote when they went to camp or to their aunts for a summer visit, I have read other letters from sales that I have picked up because I liked the stamps and you just wonder. Let me know if you are going to Clayson, my friend Jan and I are going again this year, we went last year and it was great. We went just for the day, this time we are going on Friday and spending the night. Let me know so I can watch for you.

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

It is so sad we no longer write letters. Remember when we use to hurry out to the mailbox to see if we had one. Stop by I am having 2 Giveaways. Connie

Jessica and Duglas said...

haha That is a cute letter. I love the way he starts off by mentioning that he's getting married, then goes on to defending Margaret for being naughty (seems like there's some rumors going around? or am I reading too much into that??).
If I were the mother, I'd have jumped on my horse (wouldn't even take the time to tie the buggy to the horse)and ridden over to my son's house. No son of mine is getting married to a girl I've never met! okay I can't totally relate to his mom...