Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fun Finds

This time of year, I get, like everyone else in the rainy areas, a, how shall I put it....totally frustrating desire to go garage saling, only there aren't many this time of the year here in rainy NW Oregon. So, you do like everyone else, you go to thrift stores, you go to junk stores, you just find ways to make it through the dreary winter, where the rain pours, but the junk finds dry up. And then, finally, some good junk comes into your path, and you grab it, and since finds are more rare these days, you go to your blog, and you do a show and tell!

So, here are my finds from a fun trip to Portland Saturday. We even got a little later start than I prefer, but hey, the housework was done, and I LOVE to come home with all the work done!

I came across these ironstone pieces, all shoved into a broken shoe box. They may have at one time been someone's treasure, as the bottoms had this stickly substance I had to clean off, like they were stuck to a shelf in fear of falling to the floor during a hurricane. I thought they were even chippier (if that's a word) than they turned out to be, they just needed cleaned. That was a fun thing to find!

My daughter found some jeans she loved, got washed up, was happy with. We always seem to find things for "someone else", and this time, my husband spent some time on his cell, trying to determine if he should buy some bar stools for our daughter. I'm thinking, we don't have much time hear, we need to hit the stores, look, buy and leave, not do phone tag! Turned out, like I tried to tell him, it wasn't what she wanted, but I'm glad he was thinking of her!

I found some neat old embroidered dish towels, some other things, and other small things. I think one of my favorite finds, though, was this bluish-greenish typewriter! I thought it was awesome! So, I did get to do "some" junking. We didn't make it to the "pound store" this trip, but I haven't found much there lately anyway.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, "Why, self, do you need more junk, when you already have a bunch of stuff to work with?" Well, some people have shoes, some people have clothes, I have....junk....to play with! It is, after all, about the thrill of the hunt, right? The treasure that catches your eye, when everyone else thinks, "it's junk!" I know a LOT of people who love good junk! Maybe I should label it....a treasure!

Speaking of treasures, my friend Jana, is having a flea market in our town on January 16th, at the Legion Hall in Clatskanie. She asked if I'd mention it, and if anyone would like a space, she's doing it for $20. a table. The proceeds are going for a mission trip she is going on, and right now I can't remember what country she is going to, but it's for a great cause, and for a great price! A fun way to spend a Saturday! I know a few people who are planning to be included, I'm looking forward to it! If you're interested, let me know and I'll get you in touch with her.


Chris said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment. I am really enjoying this journey of discovering new blogs. Love yours!

The ironstone is a wonderful find. I have been looking for something like that myself. And the typewriter? I can just see it perched on a desk in a pretty vignette!

I'm off to read more and get to know you better!


Andy's Attic said...

Hey Karen,
Cool 'Junk". It is totally about the hunt for me and if you can believe it I have not been to a junk store in about a month...going through withdrawal.... Happy New Year,

Floss said...

Well, I wish I could be there with you! I completely identify with your comment about how hard it is to get throught the winter without outdoor thrifting - we do have a few vide greniers in France which keep going in all weathers, but like you I have been in the shops today, regretting the higher prices.

Thanks so much for joining our magazine swap - good to meet you!

pamala said...

Love your blog.I am so glad I found it.Great finds and I look forward to stopping in often

Tracey said...

Hi Karen! Love, love, love your ironstone pieces!!! You can never have too many white dishes :)

We don't even have a flea market this month or next, so junk stores are about the only way to get your fix this time of the year!

:) T

bella said...

Good Morning , Karen ,
Here it is Saturday morning and I'm looking for a sale to go to... no luck :0(
I'll be hitting the GW's today , I am always surprised at what good stuff I can find there.

Julia said...

Hi Karen, I just came across your blog and had to smile as I too am a junk-a-holic and just wrote about that on my blog. I had to smile too, when I read 'Clatskanie', as we use to live in Birkenfeld, and drove the very windy, narrow road to shop in Clastkanie. I will be visiting often. Blessings!

Julia said...

Hi Karen, We were in Birkenfeld just a short time, my husband pastored Birkenfeld Comm. church, his name was Dale Valovich.
I wonder too, if we ever met. Hmm. Well, glad we have now!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Karen, thank you for thour thoughtful and heartfelt comment. I too have been wanting to go G-Saleing but there there haven't been any recently. Hope you visit often and I'll stop by too.

Florence said...

Karen I don't know how I missed this post, sometimes I think they hide from me, anyway I love that ironstone, what a great find. It is so fun just to have a pure junking day. Hugs Florence

Char5 said...

My mom has that set of white swirled dishes. They were (and are) her "good china". We have eaten many a good holiday meal on them. Hope you enjoy yours and that they bring as many happy memories to your family as my mommas have and still do to ours.