Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things that are important.

A recent view from my home.

Things that happen in life, make us take time to reflect, to look with awe on the life we've already lived, the memories we have already stored up for the future. Today, I went to a memorial for a friend. We all have people in our lives, who leave our lives. We will eventually leave the lives we love, those we love. And it is today that makes what tomorrow will become.

We laugh, we love, we remember those things that we cherished, even those things that hurt us, that stretched us beyond what we think we can endure. But in the end, if we don't waste what we are given, we will have it in the future. We will have that memory that was for a time buried, but in the right moment, returns to us.
In the day I spent, I saw friends I haven't seen for 30 years. We laughed and talked about things that I was surprised to remember, after those same people reminded me. I've thought about that all day, that it takes people in our lives, it takes lives spent, it takes vulnerability to be ourselves, to be real, to be able to come back and re-experience things that we are actually surprised to find are still hidden away in our memories. I've come to the conclusion, that we are truly blessed, to live our lives. To spend them, to even waste them at times. I laughed with friends, telling them, that OK, let's forget that little space of time when I lived that way. Can we just jump ahead to a time when I learned from that mistake? And laugh I did. No, we don't all have the very same lives. I laughed to myself, that some of my friends probably drove a car to the memorial, that was something I would have loved to drive. But that's OK, it really isn't important. It isn't important how much we aquire, what is important, that we are loved. That we love. I came home to a husband working in the yard with the kids. I came home to a husband that was explaining to our 10 year old twin boys, that yes, they have to work hard today, but that they aren't always asked to work that hard. He went on to tell them that hard work is a very good thing for them. That he actually hadn't ever had to advertise that he is a carpenter, that he can build a good house. That people see if we are good workers, that we do a good job, and that our integrity will be our advertising. He went on to tell them that we do what we can to please our Lord, He will provide everything we need. We may be tested, but He will bring us through. And so I thought, no, I don't drive the nicest car, I don't have all the nicest things money can buy, but I have love, and I have the privilege to live a life, to even make mistakes along the way, but in the end, to come out thankful that we had the chance to make those memories, to experience that love that came our way.


Andy's Attic said...

What a lovely post....and so true!

Florence said...

Love by far is so much more valuable than material things, always remember that. When our hearts are happy all is good. Hugs to you dear friend. Florence

Julia said...

How true. It amazed me how so many things I thought were important lost their substance, after losing my husband. Things are only for today, love is eternal.

Floss said...

So important to remember - thanks.

I have just sent you an email because I discovered that there was a wrong link to your swap partner on last night's post. I've sorted it out now, but I'm sorry I got it wrong yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen

ThankYou for your lovely comment on my blog :o) I understand there has been some sort of mix up and You are infact Seranita's blog partner. However I was wondering - You never know, it could be fate :o) I have a little pile of Country Living magazine here and would like to send one off to you if You would like one? You don't need to return a magazine, it's just a little spontanious gift. Anyway do let me know if this is ok. I am very happy to meet you and am glad to have been led to your beautiful blog xxx


Anonymous said...

p.s my email address is

Wishing You a lovely weekend xxx


Floss said...

Oh Sumea is such a sweetie!

Karen, that email I sent hasn't been allowed through by your server (French wanadoo has a bad reputation for spam I'm afraid) so I'll just have to ask you to re-check my blog post where the link is now correct. So annoying - sorry.

So do you still think I'm organised? :(

Serenata said...

Hi Karen,

Yes indeed we are swap partners :-)

I've emailed Floss for your email address and will contact you. Going to have a read through your blog!


Lorri said...

Thanks so much for stopping bye for a visit. enjoyed your blog. I will be back for a visit soon.