Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did you mention books?

My title was going to be something like "My Husband Scares Me!", but I thought I might get a bunch of hits on my blog with people thinking he's abusive lol.
Floss, over at Troc, Broc, and Recup, was talking about books today, and I've mentioned before that my husband likes books, but she got me inspired to share my troubles with books. Well, actually, I like books, too, but when we married, all those years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I know, I know, a lot of us can say that, right? He probably has at least thought it himself!
Let's just say, every time I was with my husband, when we first met, he was ALWAYS smiling! When we were together, he laughed ALL the time! I thought to myself, we are EXACTLY ALIKE! What I didn't realize, is, he's actually very serious, very quiet, very contemplative, and when I thought we were exactly alike, was more that he was "in love!" I hadn't noticed that he's not really like that with everyone else, for some reason. Well, one of my first clues, was when we went to my first class reunion. If you knew me, you'd know, I've always been...talkative...loud?...laughing.... I could go with him to his class reunion, and when I left, I'd probably know more people than he did! I can't help it! Seriously, I go to little get-togethers of all kinds, and before I go, I tell myself, "Be quiet!" "Don't talk." "Don't laugh." But then, all of a sudden, something comes over me, and there I go again! On my way home, I wonder, "Is it because I'm home all the time, with kids, with homeschool, living in the country, like they don't let me out?" No, I've always been that way and there's not a thing I can seem to do to change it, try as I may.
But now, back to Randy. When we are alone together, we laugh, we have fun, but he is...intelligent. I think he had a lapse of some sort when he met me. I didn't know he loved to read. He loves to study. He loves God and he reads a lot of early Christian history, missionary biographies, study books, all that kind of stuff. He has a library that I don't often venture into, but it's so packed with his books that I don't even know how he manages to get them in there. He's sold a couple of HUGE collections a couple of times, and he still has books! I tease them that the mustier they are, the more he likes them. OK, it's not just books upstairs. He has pictures whever he can put them, like on the ceiling of his cubby-hole study, of things the kids have drawn him. He always has them sign them, and date them...all that. He collects books for them, too. The family room has a large shelf that is full of the Nancy Drew's, and other literature from the earlier 1900s. Just this morning I mentioned that we have a LOT of books, are they really reading these books. Yes, as a matter fact, they are!
Well, since Floss, my new blogger friend in France, was sharing her "book story", I thought I'd share some of my husband's problem. I didn't go every in the house he has book shelves, but here's a taste of what you'd see if you visited me. I got one of his clocks, and some of his family's heirloom stuff, too. But OK, I'll admit, he does have some pretty neat books, don't you think?


Floss said...

Well, I am amazed! What a wonderful collection (or part of a collection)! Just fantastic. I don't know if I'd want to go and riffle through everything or if I'd be too awed to touch them!

Julia said...

Books! What a fun post! I went over and read your friend Floss's blog. Loved it too. You both inspired me, so even with a bum arm, I did a little blogging myself!

Florence said...

Oh another book gather, that would be me, when ever I want to learn about something I am always on the hunt for a book, so I am right there along with him, when it comes to books. I love your spirit that you make people smile and talk. Florence

Andy's Attic said...

Don't ever shut down your talking and laughter. It is a gift you have been given. Your husbands collection is beautiful.

Janette Wright said...

I just stumbled on your blog and what caught my eye was the title on books. To my delight I found a fellow follower of Christ, home school mom with older children, but my story reverses in personalities and I am the collector of books. I have some of these! I have also learned to be very creative with decorating with books. Enjoy!

Serenata said...

What a super collection of books. I posted about some of mine the other day. It looks like we have similar tastes. I just love your book cases/cabinets.

Going to have another look!


Your magazine is on the way, but I think I put the wrong one in the envelope! Obviously had a bit of a moment. May have to send another one! LOL

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What an amazing collection!

Uncovered Ruby said...

I have a library in my home, that we built specifically for all my books. I love books, just being surrounded by them. I even like how they smell...;-) Great post!

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