Friday, January 21, 2011

My Tea Towel is Featured in Stylish Homes!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to get a convo today that my tea towel is featured in Stylish Home! So thank you Greg and crew over at Stylish Home!
What is special to me, is I've been working in my "Etsy" room, trying to get it organized, and get ready to take care of a project I've been putting off. That project, I was just starting to get photos of today! The project? I have a LOT of vintage linens that I need to list! So, I'll show you a few in the meantime, and then I'll get back to the shop! Oh, that is, after I check out Stylish Home further!! This week it's all about vintage linens, and who doesn't love that theme??


Florence said...

Love those vintage linens, just keep them coming. Florence

Andy's Attic said...

Karen, congratulations!! The linens are lovely!! Good for you,

Julia said...

Linen fanatic here! I love the cut piecework one. Lovely. Must need to get a copy of the mag. Yay for you!