Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's in a Valentine?

What is it that I

love about Valentines? I think part of it is the memories of making those envelopes that we taped to our desks in school, where all the kids put valentines in each others envelopes.
My mom was always a "room mother" for my class, which meant she and another mom were the one's who gave all the parties for our class. Looking back, my mom was very involved with me in my younger years of school! I can't remember going on a field trip without her, until about 5th grade. So I guess Valentines day is mixed with list of good fuzzy feelings.
I was in elementary school in the 60s, so I've always loved the era that reminds me of the Valentines I received. (The Valentines above are from a different batch I found at a great shop in the Wallowas, they're from the 1940sn 50s.)
But another thing I love about Valentines, is the RED! I love the color red. It seems so bright and cheerful to me. It's a happy color, don't you think?
To me, also, Valentine's
Day is about love. And for me, it's amazing, the love I receive from family and friends, and especially my Lord, who has shown His great love to me in more ways than I can count!
Hope your Valentines Day is bright, cheerful, and rich with love and good memories!


Julia said...

I love Valentine's Day as well, with the same school memories. When my girls were little I would always make heart shaped sugar cookies and decoate them for each of them, or make a heart shaped red velvet cake. Guess its time to do the same for my grandkids.

Floss said...

It's cute that in America it's such a wide festival - in Europe it's only for lovers, but in the US you use it to celebrate all kinds of love, which is sweet. And yes, it would be great fun to go thrift shopping together!

Laura & Pam said...

Hi Karen, thanks for your comment on our blog, we wish you were coming up for our Vintage Chicks sale too! We'll be doing the sale again next year, same time, same place maybe you can join us then. Would you like to be added to our event email list? Please pop by our personal blogs for a visit too, mine (Laura) is and Pam's is

God bless Karen!

Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks