Monday, February 28, 2011

A Roof Over Our Heads!

We are getting a new roof! FINALLY! Well, we are getting one on our house, too, but the one I'm talking about is our little church building.  A few years ago, God gave us a church building. I'm not kidding. We'd asked to rent, borrow, lease, buy, and the answer was always no. The people who had it always said, no, sorry, they couldn't do it. This building was hardly ever used and it was in great need of some repairs, mainly the roof. We had been looking for a church home, had not found one we felt the Lord telling us, "This is it! This is home!" in, and finally, after about 9 months search, we found a local church that we all felt at home in, the kids found friendships in, all that.  Well, after we were at our new church home for about 4 months, we got a call from the people in charge of the little church. They wanted to give it to us. They instructed us to go get a lawyer, have a deed drawn, we pay for it, and they signed the deed. Gave it to us! Wow! Now what? We had a place to go, now what do we do? We felt like God was the one giving this to us, so we just followed through, and yep, for the last 4 years or 5 years, we've had a church.
Our first thought, was how do we use it? We decided to just open it up on Wednesdays for a Bible study, and we would still attend our other church on Sundays. Well, little by little, we've got a faithful group of friends attending, and it is something we just love! Yes, it's work, it's responsibility, it's commitment, but it's been a real blessing.
See the guy up in the belfry? That's my sweetheart!
It's above the road, so it looks way up there, doesn't it? This is one side view.
We actually had a vintage sale one Christmas in it, and have been asked MANY times if we would do it again. (Haven't actually got an answer from the guys over that one yet! They had to move a lot of pews!)  It was beautiful, all lit up, so old fashioned. We used the proceeds of funds to go towards a roof, but it wasn't nearly enough. Well, we finally were able to take the tarp off of the roof, and we are now waiting for the final 3 days of straight sunny days so that we can get it finished roofing. We'll probably even have a potluck or barbecue to celebrate. But in the meantime, I thought I'd show you the progress so far. We still have to paint the building, can't wait for the blue to go! It's going to be beautiful, don't you think? It's very primitive, very old, built in the late 1800s, and very well loved by us all. The neighbors are appreciating it's facelift, too, by the way! 
I am still amazed because I've always had a "thing" for this old church, and still feel really blessed that God would answer such a request!


Uncovered Ruby said...

It's beautiful Karen, I just love old churches! What a blessing from Him!
Lisa ;-)

Julia said...

What a great story! God is so amazing! I look forward to seeing it all finished!

elizabeth said...

WoW! Can't wait to see it all done, and photos inside too! Anyway, was just on my blog when up popped you as my newest follower! I really look forward to getting to know you!

Kristin said...

And won't it be great when the blue is gone?? ha ha It's so nice that it's getting a roof! Maybe we'll have to have another sale when things are finished... is that what you're thinking? LOL

BirdSong said...

Hi Karen. I have some info for you re: the vintage gathering shows!! I don't seem to have a contact. Can you email me at ?

Thanks, can't wait to hear from you!! sue xoxo

Carmen The Olde FarmHouse Road said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful old building and what an awesome blessing!