Monday, October 13, 2014

Racing the Rain

Don't pay attention to my grubby shoes. See the hand reaching for my peas? That was my lil' granddaughter crawling between my legs while I was picking, stealing my peas lol!  That's ok, she lives in a condo; she needs to play in the garden! 
I have said all summer, and now fall, I can't believe what beautiful weather we are having here in the Pacific NW!  My garden was THE MOST FUN ever; I'm STILL getting peas out of it! I've never planted late before, but what a nice season we've had.
However...they're calling for rain. And it's supposed to continue for a few days at least. Gosh, I'm almost not used to it anymore!  You talk to someone who doesn't live in Oregon, and that's what they say, "I couldn't live there, it rains all the time!"  Well, our well-kept secret is that isn't always the case, and our beautiful days and really gorgeous. Even our rain can be cozy, it's all in the outlook.
So, since they're calling for rain, and we have no idea if this "is it", end of beautiful fall sunshine, I've been a workaholic and a taskmaster. Windows washed, bottles to the recycle, porch ready for stormy weather, you get the idea. Among other things, I went out today and got several items out of my barn storage, got them cleaned up, and they are now drying, getting ready to be photographed for my Etsy shop. There is no way I'm doing any of that in the rain....
Some of the stuff I've been scrubbing!

Can you imagine hauling one of these around to mop? I think it may be more useful as a flower pot ;-)

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Annette said...

We all have projects to do before the rain comes, don't we? I put yard things away that I don't want out all winter. I like to do it before they get too wet!!