Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Canning, I love seeing it on the shelves!!

I love it when this time of year comes and the jars start getting full of fresh food for the winter!! I guess it would be nice if they jumped in there themselves without the peeling, packing, washing jars, watching the canner, and all that, but I don't mind when I see rows of green beans and peaches and salsa and.......

I've got my beans and peaches done, bread and butter pickles, I still need to get the dills done. I hate buying pickles when they're so easy to can and so much less expensive. I went to a garage sale this summer and bought over 10 dozen jars for $1. a box!!! Yippee! Between Kristin and I, we go through the jars and they end up at each other's houses, so that was a great find.

I thought about doing tuna, but I'm not set up for outside canning and I hate the smell of it being canned. I will probably do some stew and soups this fall for handy meals. Kristin canned meat balls last year, that would be a nice thing to have on the shelves.

Take a look at my beautiful peaches, Elbertas, and I only paid 85 cents a pound for them. Last year they were too expensive to even can, so I'm pretty glad to get them this year.

Another Rug!

This one's pretty too!

Finally, some rugs.

Goodness, I need to settle down to one place and get working! I've been trying to figure out which blog host I like the best. We already have a website with Godaddy, and I get this one with it, plus it has good ratings, from what I've read.

Anyway, I have a few minutes, thought I'd post some pictures of some of the MANY gorgeous hand hooked rugs that belong to a friend. Thank you Peggy, for letting me enjoy these!! Her mother-in-law hooked them years ago, some took 5 yrs or more! Can you imagine spending that much of your life doing that? But, here they are years later, for people to still enjoy. So.....ENJOY!!!!

Glorious Hooked Rugs

...large floor sized rug, gorgeous.<<>>

My Wonderful Hooked Rug Inspiration Day

A few weeks ago, I went to a friend's house who I met a year ago. She has her mother-in-law's hooked rugs, at least many of them, and wanted me to see them, as I'm a beginning rug hooker. I went unprepared for what a treat I was getting. Today, I got to go back, armed with a camera, and got to see them all over again. They are so wonderful. Thank you Peggy for letting me come and for sharing them with me! ...<<>>

Weekends are too short!

I am determined to get some pics taken of some of my recent treasures I've found. I have so much fun going to garage sales, thrift stores, etc. It's the thrill of the hunt, I think. I try very hard to part with the stuff I get, and put it right away in the Schoolhouse, but sometimes it wants to stay home with me!

It's a rainy day here in Oregon, been a way too busy day with graduations, parties, church stuff, just too much going on. I hate it when the weekend flies by so fast.

Going to our Bible study ...<<>>

Guess what I got today?

I got my swap from my P&R swap buddy for our Americana 1 on 1 swap. Whew, what a mouth full! He is the cutest Uncle Sam and I just love him. I am still finishing mine and I told myself I wouldn't open hers until I had mine in the mail, but I just couldn't stand it! Now I'm so nervous to send mine! He's very different and she'll either like him or hate him! Well, I can't stress forever, I need to go get mine finished! I have had so much fun doing these swaps!

I love the summer weather!

I think my favorite could be spring, since that leaves suuuuuummmmmer, and faaaalllll. Winter is OK if it snows by the middle of January, but after that, it better be spring at the end of January. And the older I get, the more I try to make spring-summer-fall last longer. Hey, I even have to remind myself that the rain is great LOL. If we didn't have rain in Oregon, we wouldn't live in such a beautiful place! Anyway, it's sunny, and I love it!

I started a Humpty Dumpty Americana doll, actually got one made, a few days ago. I made it from rk creations pattern. This is my first fok type doll. Wel...I took it down to show my sis when I got it done and she laughed and said, "That is so ugly!" "Did you actually buy a pattern for it?" I told her she just didn't appreciate art LOL. Well, I like him, that's all that counts, right? I'll try to get a picture of him soon. Actually, I changed him a little and made him and Uncle Sam. I'm making a couple more, one for a swap I'm doing with a lady on a forum I"m on. Mine was a practice, boy, my sister has me nervous now! This time, instead of painting all the clothes on, I'm using Americana fabric that is stiffened. I sure hope it turns out, I only have a few days left!

I've been busy trying to work on/figure out our Old Quincy Schoolhouse website, and my gosh am I learning a lot-the hard way. Here are a few pics of our little shop.
I love this cabinet. It is so fun to work with everyone's things! Kelly brings these neat cabinets to us and it is like Christmas!

I want this church pew reall bad:

Cute, huh?
Here's our mangle:

Don't you just love it? I love the apron on the old clothesline above it! That's enough for now! Come see us!

Time & Priorities

Time just seems to be flying. Can't believe it's been over a month since I was supposed to have started this blog. Righgt now I'm trying to get my time priorities straight. Kristin (my eldest daughter) and I have a shop that we run Thur-Saturdays, then there is homeschooling my youngest children. If that weren't a handful, I have a love for junking that takes some time, which I can justify b/c of the shop. But we are also determined to have a good garden this year, then there will be canning season, which is busy, but I love it.

I love to have all the jars of food put up in the cupboard, it looks so pretty. I also like to have some meals in jars for when I don't feel like cooking. My daughter, almost 12, and twins sons (8 yo) are becoming pretty good with help in the kitchen. I'll have them all pretty good cooks real soon. I can already turn Chantel loose, she follows recipes, etc. My boys are learning. My oldest son, Steven, is really quite a good cook, so that makes it unanimous, they will all be good cooks LOL. Then they can take care of me, huh?

I managed to finish the chair I've been working at- or should I say "thinking at" for a couple months. It wasn't hard, just kept putting it off. I got the chair and thought it would be cute to redo it, so it feels good to complete it. Turned out cute, but I need to get it down to the shop and sold b/f my families gets too attached to it. It is too light colored for them, the little kids, grandkids included would just sit in it with the outside clothes on. Now, for someone who doesn't have a lot of little kids, it would be perfect in a kitchen by the wood cookstove. I'll try & get a picture on here soon.

Today, need to work on flower beds, then would like to find some crafting time. I'm doing my first larger project with rug hooking in the mornings when Randy reads to me. It's been a lot of fun.

Better quit talking and start doing! Even though it's beautiful out today, school has to get done, much to my children's delight LOL.

A little background

Karen's Kitchen chatter, come visit us!<<>>

Whew, Finally

Gosh, I never thought I'd get this far. Somehow, I always take the long way around learning anything. I hope it isn't always going to be like this for me.

I'm Karen and welcome to my blog. I am a SAHM, at least I think I qualify. My daughter and I have a small shop in the community of Quincy, 3 miles out of Clatskanie, OR. It is located at the Quincy Elementary School, which is on the same 30 acres where I live. So when I'm in the shop, I'm still actually at home, which is what I love.

I get ideas, I will tell my daughter, she takes them a step farther, then she says, "We've got to do it!" So, that's how we got our shop going. My dad owns the old 1920s building, which makes it an ideal situation. What is in our shop? Well, I'm glad you asked! We've got antiques, primitives, cottage/garden, handcrafted stuff. We try to have our vendors bring unusual stuff as that's what our customers look for. We started it a year ago in May, and we really have a good time at it. I guess it helps that my daughter is also a good friend of mine!

I hope you make yourself at home. Y'all come back now, here?

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I love canning too! There is just something about that "ping" and seeing all those beautiful filled jars on the shelves.