Monday, November 26, 2007

Enjoying the Season

This year I am determined to NOT get stressed through the holiday season. I have already been busy enough, but have cut back on what I want to get done.
Bazaars this year (I actually wish they'd call them something else around here!) have been going on all month. I've done a couple and have one and possibly another left. Usually I bake about 48 loaves of cardamom bread for the shows, at least, but this year, I've been doing 32 to 40. Those last loaves get tiring and I really want to enjoy doing it, not dreading it. I've done really well. The bread usually always does well, except for in one little town where I couldn't sell 2 loaves, it was so weird! This year I found out I could sell in Washington state, so that was another door open.
Friday nite I've got a show to do that is actually only 3 hours longs. I'm really wondering how that is going to go. I'm sure it's publicised, it should be nice, but 3 hours is a quick sale and I have no idea how much bread to bake. I will have a plan for the bread that doesn't sell!
We've also done well this year with crafting stuff. I sold some of my daughter's really cute quilts, which she spent a LOT of time working on. I'm glad she was able to sell them.
I canceled our old website, and started a new one from a google site, since we don't have the shop going, however I did still keep the oldquincyschoolhouse theme, for sentamentality. I'm calling it Hope that works well.
Well, Randy's calling me to list his books on ebay!

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