Sunday, November 23, 2008

I need to sell......

My mother-in-law's Monarch wood cookstove! I have had it in storage and it really needs a home that loves it. She bought it intending to use it in their new house, but alas, she had too much stuff to fit in her house when the day came. So, Kristin and I had it in our little shop when we were running it, and we are still storing it. If anyone local would love this mint green beautiful, gorgeous, awesome stove with a reservoir and warming oven, please get in touch with me. No way would it fit in a flat rate shipping box, or I'd put it on ebay.
I also have another too-big-for-shipping thing. I also have a really awesome Ironrite mangle (electric ironing machine) that would be awesome in someone's really neat laundry room. I do NOT have a large laundry room or I would have it myself. I have it in storage right now. So, if you near and dear bloggers know of a good home, let me know! The stove is $700. and the mangle is $100. Actually a really good buy! The mangle photo is one I got off the internet, b/c I can't seem to find the one I have of mine, but it's just like this one and in good shape, too.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh it's so awesome.
Someone out there would LOVE it
I am sure..

Serena Thompson said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry - I didn't know how to email asked where you could find pepper berries. My sister says they grow all over California. She lives in Marin County and they are all over there. She says they're all along the freeway too. I hope that helps.
:) Serena

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Girl, I'd love to have that awesome old stove, but it's out of my price range and a little too far to go pick up. I hope both items go to a good home soon.

Yolanda said...

I want to come visit sometime. I love Astoria and that area of the state.

TheBooksWeReadAndWrite said...

Wow, that is simply a beautiful stove.