Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Fun With Natalie

People who had been into the "Old Quincy Schoolhouse" when Kristin and I were running it, would have seen a lot of Natalie's (Sparrow) neat stuff. People who've been to Barnhouse would know here very well . This girl has a gift for putting things in all the right places, I'm not kidding. Plus, she's very kind-hearted. We're pretty excited that she's coming down with a couple loads of her things and spending the day & nite with us, arranging some more, fitting in some more, working on areas we haven't hit yet.
Today, I'm sending Kristin on errands to Longview, Vancouver, then on to Natalie's. That will give me a chance to get some stuff done here in anticipation for them getting back here with loads of more great stuff.
She says she's been working on Christmas, too, so we are very anxious to see what she's bringing.
I'm adding some photos here Thanks to Joe and Jermonne's blog, hope you guys don't mind) to give you an idea if you don't happen to know what I'm talking about when I mention Natalie and her "stuff".
I'm dying to take a few photos, and we probably will this evening when we get it a little more "put together". The church is looking very festive, I'll tell you that. I can't believe how much stuff you can pack into a building!
Well, before the grandkiddies get here, this grandma better get some updating done on the housework! See you Friday & Saturday!!!


Cher said...

Eagerly awaiting more photos. Hard to fit hobbies and housework around grandparenting, isn't it?

The Texas Woman

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Wow! Love the pics you posted! can't wait to see more!
Have a great week!

happy zombie said...

Love the little enticements, Karen. Can't wait to see all that you've done inreallife - and can't wait to meet you! xo, Monica

Kristin said...

Mom, I posted photos of the Vintage Gathering- well, just a sneak peek because my battery was going dead so it made some blurry pictures. You'll have to check them out. Plus I couldn't help but post about yesterday. :)