Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage Wintering Gathering Preview

Finally, I got to sit down! I just got 32 loaves of cardamom bread wrapped, and still have 32 pieces of marionberry coffee cake to wrap and some pies to bake, but it's on the downhill side now. Tomorrow morning at 10:00 is the Vintage Gathering, Kristin and Chantel are still up there finishing up, I am doing some last minute stuff here, but almost everything is in place. Sherri (Flowers N Fluff) delivered her wonderful wreaths and centerpieces today and they are getting those in place right now, and getting the kitchen ready to serve pie. It's been an awfully long week, but a lot of fun. Last night as we were finally getting ready to leave, I looked at Kristin and said, "All this work for 2 days???" There is so much stuff in there it's crazy. We did that when we had our little shop "Old Quincy Schoolhouse" down the hill from my home, but that we had open all the time. But this little Vintage Winter Gathering has put me into the holiday mood! Enjoy!!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

WOW! Everything looks great! I wish I were close enough to attend!
I had a yarn winder just like the one in the first pic, but I sold it a couple of years ago.
So many wonderful treasures! I wish y'all the very best with your show!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh yes! It's time to make cardamom bread! Thanks for the idea. I was wondering what I was going to give as gifts to my children's extension teachers and the administrators.

Hugs, Karen, hope all goes well!

debbie said...

WOW!! Everything looks GREAT!! I was so hoping to get to come but just can't get away this weekend!! I so appreciate you taking the time with all you had to do to post the pictures and also to visit me!! You are amazing!! Looks like you are going to have lots of fun!!! debbie

Barn House said...

Have a wonderful show!! Can't wait to see more pix!

J & J

Karen said...

Sorry you didn't make it Debbie, I did watch for you! I met a few others from blogland. It was beautiful and fun, I'm still tired! Karen