Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Far Away Friend in Japan

It had been several days since I'd heard from my friend, Yuki, in Japan. She was not in the area of the devastation,  but of course she's been affected by it. She'd been very worried for her friend, and finally got a message from her that she is fine. In some way, haven't we ALL been affected by this disaster? I can't think of a way that we haven't. Emotionally, physically for some, certainly economically. I was telling my kids that not one thing that happens in the world has a means of NOT affecting us all. We affect other people's lives every day, whether we know it or not.
Below, is the last letter I received from Yuki, just today. I asked her if I could share it. It's truly amazing how small our world is. We're not really that far apart!  I actually "met" her from Etsy, and after back and forth visiting, it felt weird to say "goodbye forever". Like I've said, I hate goodbyes.
Here's her letter.

Dear my far away friend, Karen.

Since Sunday  I've been  feel bad, since I watch that terrible film on TV all day long,  tears,  headache, dizzy, nausea...and threw up..

But now feels good.  I'm a little sensitive of sight more than common people... I was very shocked with that film.. And I am a crybaby..

My husband came back to Nagasaki, but he went to Kumamoto on business, and
yesterday he back to Tokyo again.

We're OK.  I and Oniichan spend as usual.  We have warm food and drinks,
warm  bed  and take a hot bath as usual.

Tsunami warning  was released in Nagasaki.

I received e-mail from my friend lives in Iwaki Fukushima.

She is OK.  But now she is under the evacation order waiting at home.

She stays in her home with her friend. Fortunately, they have preserved
foods and soft drinks but no water.

She said to me she is worring about radiation exposure..

I pray for her no radiation exposure.
I attacted and send the vintage greeting  card  with e-mail for her with our

The christmas card a boy holding a little lamb.  I think that card maybe
make calm her spirit.

Yes, that cute animals cards are smiling for me, I can relax.  They helps
me. I appriciate to artist's wonderful work.
I appriciate the rescue team with sniffer dogs camed from your country.I pray for the safety all of  them.
I want to visit you with my friend Satomi. Satomi is the name of  Fukushima
I read your blog  today.  Thank you for worrying about us.
Your far away friend YUKI

 To bring some smiles to your day, I want to share these two video clips that my husband got from a blog he loves to read, Challies. I hope it makes you smile!


Florence said...

Thanks for sharing. I continue to hold up in prayers all those affected by this devastation. Hugs to you my friend and I am glad that Yuki is ok

Andy's Attic said...

Thank you for sharing your story of Yuki and her letter. I laughed at the videos. It is always good to laugh at the end :>)