Monday, June 9, 2008

Did I tell you...I got chickens!

Well, we've raised chickens several different times over the years, and in several different ways. I once designed, yep, all by my own brain LOL, the last one that was a frame made of PVC pipe wrapped in chicken wire, with a couple of nesting boxes with hinged lids at one end (OK, Randy designed the nesting boxes, he is a carpenter after all!). You could move it around, worked great, but for some reason we gave it to our friends.
Well, I'm sick of the egg prices here in Oregon. So, I thought, let's have another chicken house. This one has turned out sooooo cute, I can't wait to decorate it LOL. I was going to try building it with my kids, to give Randy a break and do another honey-do project instead, but.....he got involved, then him and the boys took over! At first, I was a little taken aback that he used recycled tin for the roof, but he said, "well, you like the primitive look, don't you?" So, what could I say?? But he put the old paned windows in to give out hens some light. Now it's too cute for a chicken house! Not complete yet, but this week hopefully, it will be.
So, here's my chicken house so far, and look at my awesome egg crate!!! My sweet daughter got it for me for my birthday at a show we were in a couple weeks ago. What a deal, we found it for $10. !! I told her to let Randy know that I wanted it for my BD, but she said she'd be the one getting it for me. They marked it down from $20. and I said, "Thank you Kristin!!" So it will be under the overhang, I'm thinking. Cute, HUH?

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Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

So how many chickens? Looks like they will be free ranging it?
Love that egg crate! I want one!
Thanks for the visit to my blog; you know, we were separated at birth but brilliant minds still always think alike.