Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beautiful weather, fun junking, and we even got things done!

This weekend, Kristin, my sis and her two daughters, my SIL and her daughter, yep 7 of us loaded into Kristin's SUV and headed EARLY up to Battleground area to go to Barn House. What a lot of fun and laughs we had, as we spent the day oohing and ahhing over all the neat stuff we saw, got to enjoy that beautiful area, sit packed in with stuff, since we didn't leave enough room to haul home treasures...We had so much fun at Barn House! Talk about inspiring! I'm still surprised that radio in the photo above didn't come home with us, Kristin loved it! We were looking forward to once again seeing Natalie, but a family tragedy had called her to Arizona. Missed you Natalie!

After leaving Barn House, we hit every yard sale just about along the way to the highway, until it got so hot we could stand it no longer. Found some more awesome treasures, stuffed them into the car. Went out for lunch, took my niece back to her home in Longview and on the way hit still more yard sales. I found an awesome old rickety ladder for 2 bucks!! Yeah! Couldn't fit that in, so my niece brought it home for me.

It was so hot, I was glad when we finally got home and jumped in the pool, ahh, that felt GOOD! I love days like that! Somehow, when you're out like that, you always meet nice people, and we met this lady, who takes some awesome pictures. I'll be sure to watch her blog and see what she's been doing!


Mrs.French said...

Yay you found me! That way I can find you! Your photos are lovely too...such a wonderful morning we had! I can't wait to begin to become a regular on your blog too.

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Hi Karen! Looks like you had a fun trip! So enjoyed the photos! I felt like I was there! Good thing I wasn't or I woulda spent too much money!!