Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wonderful Finds This Weekend!!

Well, this weekend was very rewarding, as far as treasure hunting goes!! We decided to take the day to goof off, and Randy always knows what I love to do! So, we spent the day garage saling, and going to estates sales. Today, dd Kristin and I went back to the estate sale for half-off day. We found some pretty neat things, even though not a lot primitive, which I love. Still, I found some neat goodies to stock in my Etsy shop!

Did you see this orange Thermos pitcher and cups? I remember my Grandma had those! I love wooden strawberry boxes, too, so I guess I did find some "prims"! The bright blue thing is a roulette wheel/ashtray, you don't see those everyday, right? How about the vintage golf shoes? They were barely worn and in really nice condition! I love the pink clock, don't you? And the 70s shower curtain was a neat find!

I'll put the pokeno cards on my Etsy supply section, and look at those unique cards, I think they're for learning the Phillipine or Japanese?? language, not sure which. The estate sale was for a lady in her 90s who is Japanese, but was married to an American serviceman, and lived in Japan, Phillipines, all over.

Kristin found some pretty neat things, too, so we had a blast!

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