Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gardens & Weeds & Work

The other day, I was looking out my dining room window, and thought, gosh, it looks like I have a curtain in that window of a brilliant, very vibrant yellow. I wouldn't have chosen that for a curtain, and it was really beautiful, but....it was Scotch Broom. If you don't know what that is, we have a lot of it on our hillside, that we've tried for years to get rid of. We've tried everything. My dad has always tried to spray it, but it still actually goes to seed after he's sprayed. I'm not thrilled about spray, but if you don't work to get rid of it, it would take over acres!

Well, I got the bright idea that, before it went to seed, I'd get the kids to help me, we'd borrow my dad's chainsaw-on-a-pole that cuts limbs off of trees, and we'd go harvest it and burn it. We worked at that for 2 days, my arms would hardly lift afterward. I think party my aching was from stress of running that little chainsaw while standing on a hill. We made some progress, but there is still a lot of it out there.

We got our garden in. We actually have a ton of rock, since I do live on property that used to be a rock pit, literally. My dad sold round rock off of this hillside many years as I was growing up. He says the rock keeps the ground warm??? I don't know, but I have actually still been able to grow stuff. This year, Randy built a few raised beds, also. We've had terrible rains, though, so I don't know how a garden will do this year. I'm worried my seeds will rot with so much rain. Of all years, I especially want to get a good garden. I don't want to have to drive to Sauvie's Island this year for beans and stuff. Gas is just too high.

Well, I figure, on rainy days, we're inside working on things we won't want to do on sunny days. But, I love being outside, and this rain is driving me crazy. By the time you get back out, the grass has grown another 4-6 inches! Our horses can't even graze on all the acreage we usually put them on, due to too much green grass. They're already fat enough.

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