Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hey, I did it!

Not perfect, of course, but I made my own banner. I took pics from our old shop and made a banner with them. Good memories, too! I think I like it.
I actually got inspiration from this lady's blog, Banner of Blessings.. I'm going to go back to it, b/c she's got some beautiful stuff, and a lot of it is FREE!


Linda said...

Love the new banner. You did a wonderful job with it.


Sandra said...

You did a great job...see that is what I did ...jumped right to exchange blog links. Click on my name to see mine.
Congrats !

Robin said...

I think it is PERFECT !! I love it !!!

Ruby Lime design said...

Hi Karen, I love your banner too. Also, you know that blue ceramic doll you found, well I have one in my shed my grandfather bought me in Sydney when I was about 10 and it's almost the same as the one you found! If you want to see where I live have a look at
Have a nice day. (Ruby Lime Design) Carolyne